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And then Jesus told me not to drink…

Oh hey fellow Prius Drivers! How was your morning commute in the f’n snow? Utah always does this. Sunny, nice, capri’s, flip flops and then BLAM-O more snow than in January and February combined. Luckily our vehicle of choice handles pretty well in the snow (especially when it’s not getting plowed into by snow removal vehicles, right, Bianca?).

I made it to work safely in the Prius, but since Algebra took the day off (to be on the radio – again – hard, hard life being a ‘rock star’), he drove me and I was super grateful. Not because the Prius can’t handle the snow, but because my anxiety can’t handle the snow. I had a midterm last night, the first one since sophomore year of college and ever since then, my nerves have been shot.

So. Weekend recap? I’d love to give you one, but I can’t remember much of anything from about 8:30pm on Friday to 8:30 am on Sunday, but here’s what I can remember:

3:00 pm Friday: Took a half day of work and met Algebra and his cousin Stephen (name idea?) at Piper Down for a little mid day drinky-poo (drink of choice, Jack on the rocks baby, started Friday off right).

5:30 pm Friday: Went on a quest with the roomie to find my new fave WHIPPED CREAM VODKA. Quest successful (third liquor store).

{Intermission to shower and get ready for the night}

7:00 pm Friday:  Doorbell starts ringing with all the surprise guests for Algebra’s big 2-9 celebration. Start drinking copious amounts from shot glasses and blue & green polka dot cups (they were the manliest I could find, okay?)

8:00 pm Friday: Surprise limo shows up (GIANT, who knew they made limo’s so big?), pile into limo with the gang (approximately 15 people and 30 bottles of booze).

8:02 pm Friday: More drinking, this time, from the bottle.

8:45 pm Friday: Bianca, Bailey and I start singing sorority songs (all the naughty ones) and taking pulls from various bottles.

9:00 pm Friday: Where are we? Did we make it to Wendover? Zzzzzzz…..

{Intermission for blackness}

4:00 am Saturday: Shower (very necessary after vomiting out of a limo window for upwards of 2 hours.

5:00 am Saturday:  Sleep.

12:30 pm Saturday: Wake for a waxing appointment.

1:30 pm Saturday: Back to sleep.

11:00 pm Saturday: Algebra wakes me up to see if I want to go to his show. YA RIGHT. Back to sleep.

8:00 am Sunday: Where did my weekend go and why does my freaking head still freaking hurt?

Yep. That about sums it up. So hopefully you gals can tell me how much fun you had in Wendover, my snooze in the limo while all the gambling was being had was pretty cozy, I’m not going to lie.

What will you do for beads today?

Sidenote: HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!! What are you girls giving up for lent? Algebra and I are giving up drinking booze. We’ve yet to decide if it’s all alcohol or just liquor (i.e. beer and wine might still be okay.) If you have any questions as to why we made that decision: see above.


Me no likey boozy,

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Will. Strangle. Cupid.

Bailey and Bianca,

How are my two favorite people to email in the whole world? Sorry I’ve been MIA all day. From having my principals and parents in my room to my most ADHD student forgetting to take his meds, it has proved to be an absolutely crazy day (and from what I hear from you two, you’ve had crazy days, too. Maybe it’s something in the UBBER COLD air).

First of all:
Bailey – congrats again on your new job! I’ve recently spoken with your boss (being that she’s my favorite aunt) and she can’t stop raving about you. I still can’t believe you didn’t tell me about your interview ahead of time. 🙂
Bianca – thank you for our sappy/silly text conversation. It made my Sunday.

Moving on, how’s your Tuesday and first day of February going, gals? It may be freaking freezing (so cold my student’s haven’t been allowed out to recess), but it’s clear outside and I can see the sun AND the mountains! Ah-mazing!

Being that it’s February, Valentine’s Day is all my students can think about! It’s two weeks away and they’re already hyper because of all the chocolate they will consume and pokemon cards they will receive. And now – it’s all I can think about. What should I get Algebra? What is he going to get me? Where are we going to celebrate? When are we going to celebrate? BLAH!

Do you think Algebra will mind if we just skip Valentine’s this year? (My intuition thinks he’ll be relieved and super stoked on the idea.) I’m just too stressed out to even think about it, will have to celebrate with twenty-four students and at the end of the day – I DO NO CARE. I don’t care if he gets me roses, I don’t care if we exchange sappy cards and I really don’t care if we even go out to dinner that night. Our relationship is fine, thank you very much and I don’t need some sappy, mid-month holiday to spice anything up.

Did I mention Valentine’s is on a Monday this year? A Monday. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?! (Nothing is the correct answer here.)

Nope, not even you, Algebra.

Gals, I’m so stressed out I don’t know what to do. I feel like I haven’t been able to relax since spring semester started. I constantly have a minimum of five things on my mind, am on the verge of an anxiety attack and then forget what the hell I was worried about in the first place (I was glad to hear you two experience the same phenomenon). I think it’s stress amnesia – you stress out so much your brain blows a fuse and forces you to forget whatever it was you were worrying so much about. The roomie and I had a talk last night and I think my stress level is kind of turning me in to a hateful bitch in survival mode. Oops. Sorry if I’ve been evil lately. I’ll be back to normal when I graduate in May 2012.

This whole new level of stress that I’m functioning on is “forcing” me into taking a mental health day on Thursday (thanks for the idea, Bianca). I think I’m going to book a hotel room up in Park City and surprise Algebra with it as a preemptive Valentine’s Day strike. But – I’m having a hard time finding a pet friendly (not leaving Weiner with a “stranger” just quite yet) hotel that would be worth stay at. Any recommendations?

I guess I better get back to work diverting my students attention from Valentine’s Day for the next two weeks.

Cupid, who?


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No way, no plow.

Good Morning,
Happy first Thursday of 2011. I’m trying to enjoy this new year but am struggling quite a bit. For example, it’s freezing and will continue to be freezing for at least two more months. And because of these cold temperatures I was hit by a giant orange state snow plow which took out my rear window (and most of the back of my car) which in turn has caused me to be even more freezing.

If you’re wondering why I’m driving around like this instead of getting my car fixed, well I have to wait 10 business days for the city to decide if my “claim” will be accepted which is something that is not only infuriating, but frankly just very rude. Especially since the plow driver was not only cited by the Salt Lake Police Department but already accepted the blame. Once they approve my claim I’m sure it will be another offensive amount of business days until I’m driving around in what doesn’t look like my mobile home. 

Maybe it’s the fact that I was in another accident just weeks earlier that makes me especially sensitive to this hideous situation, or maybe it’s that I am from San Diego and have no patience for or understanding of this ridiculous (it truly is ridiculous) weather; but I’ve found that my usually sunny disposition has taken a stark turn toward cynical to the point of resembling Janeane Garofalo .

It doesn’t help that January is notoriously depressing and I just accidentally killed my car battery by leaving my lights on. True story. Do you know how to jump start a Prius? Me either. 

In an attempt to cheer up I wrote down all of the things I’m looking forward to this year, but most of them start in July. When that didn’t work, I let the small wins like skiing and that new Modern Family episode perk me up. Then I read the news and genuinely began to feel better. 

Did you hear that the average weight gained from Thanksgiving to January 1st is 10lbs? I didn’t gain any weight. Small win.    

Did you know that the unemployment rate has reached an all time high for this state? I’m still employed. Yes. 

Did you know that there is a disease called Alopecia where you lose all of your hair? I’m really glad I don’t have that. Really glad. 

I’m going to keep this up, and will back to my cart-wheeling self in no time.

In the meantime, where’s my tail?


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One man’s flannel, another girl’s couture.

Hola Bianca & Bridget,
How are you hanging in there this week? Hope there is not post-vacation depression happening.  I have been better.  I have a head cold and just feel extremely out of it all day. So far this winter transition isn’t my friend and it hasn’t even gotten bad yet. 
One rough spot for me this season is my wardrobe.  It’s like an inkling of cold has arrived and I completely forgot how to dress appropriately.  Yes, it gets cold in New York, however you just dress warmer – it doesn’t fully change your wardrobe.   For work I wore the same outfits as always just with tights and a cardigan, going out was pretty much the same but with a coat.  Not here…people fully embrace it almost as if it’s a theme for their wardrobe. It’s like a 10-piece outfit here, I can’t keep up.
Example: I went to Ikea this week with my biz cas attire so I looked like I was on my lunch break (probably didn’t help that I did have lunch there. Swedish meatballs I don’t recommend) while my girlfriends looked casual cozy (flannel, leggings, boots, probably a pull over Patagonia, I don’t know). 
I was jealous to say the least and the best part about it is you can get away with it – winter patterns, more wool, Sorrels, bulky cardigans, more Patagonia – you get my drift.  If I wore something like that to work or out in New York, my coworkers and friends would without a doubt be making fun of me all day.  I mean my old born and raised in the Bronx coworker saw a picture of me hiking and asked why I was pretending to be “all outdoorsy and hiking and shit”. I want to be casual-cabin-cozy-Utah with a twist and I am excited to do so. So watch out, Wasatch Front. I’m here,  in my brassiere, and I have no fear (when it comes to fashion. Otherwise that whole brassiere thing is totally out of context).
I guess I’m on this fashion tangent becuase I’m stuck in my bed in my freezing house, and thinking about sorrels and patagonias are making me feel warm. Also, the bulkier my clothes and stretchier my leggings, the more excuse I have to skip the gym.  
Freezing while laying in a bed of tissues,


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Seasons of Love (or lack thereof)

Greetings from my pea coat.

I am enjoying this rainy day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still clinically depressed about the end of warm weather, but these clouds match my mood. I just want to snuggle up with Snowball and finish my book (my beach read, ironically). It would be better if it was a more tempestuous storm, but I’ll take it.

I got in an argument with QDW yesterday about the Seasons. All seasons have their pros and cons, and I’m generally a fan of the earth regardless of it’s proximity to the sun, but of all the seasons, Autumn is the least awesome. Here’s why… The activities are so limited. The weather is so unpredictable that you can never plan to do something outside, it’s main holiday requires binge eating, and most glaring of all, pools are closed and ski resorts aren’t open yet. It’s the season between the seasons.

Spring is ideal because of the anticipation for summer, and who doesn’t love a giant bunny who hides eggs? I love Winter for it’s warm and cozy good memories, and don’t even get me started on Summer. Summer = Perfection. But Fall? Meh. It’s kind of like the movie, The Blindside. I can’t figure out why people like it so much. I do however appreciate fall clothes. Any time I can wear leggings instead of jeans is alright with me. So I’m going to chalk up the leaves turning to just that. Leggings.

(I’d like to point out that the lack of activities I have available now that it’s fall has reduced my e-mail topics to talking about a lack of activities.)

Happy first day of twenty middle! How was your real birthday last night? I thoroughly enjoyed all of the birthday festivities throughout the last two weeks. Your birthdays are always fun.

Looking forward to girls night on Thursday (injected with sting of sarcasm). I lame-ize myself, but are we really going out on a week night? I really count on 8 hours of sleep a night. Can’t we just sit on your couch and watch NBC like we always do? Can we fake sick together or will they be hip to our jive? Maybe I’ll dibs designated driver. But then again, drinking might make the evening tolerable.

I’m a little cynical today as I’m sure you’ve gathered. I’m just not in the mood for sunshine and rainbows (since there is neither sunshine nor rainbows outside my window (literally and figuratively)). I hope you appreciate my lack of enthusiasm. I know I’m enjoying it.

Where’s my tail…


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