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Damn you, Cancellation Bear

Goooooooood morning, Ladies!
It is such an incredible day here in the SLC. That intuitive little groundhog was right, Spring came early this year! I’m going to ski in my bikini tomorrow. (Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be sweet?!)
With warmer weather, however, comes sh*t TV. Sweeps are over and this is the second week in a row that ALL of my shows have been re-runs. It’s a bad system if you ask me. Post sweeps we start to devote our time to crap shows that are still airing new episodes while the good shows fall by the wayside. Like Outsourced, for example. In my opinion a very funny show, but without more episodes I’m pretty sure the Cancellation Bear will have this Indian call center on his death list.  (Browse this website, it’s awesome.) 

Fox’s new awesome show Traffic Light and NBC’s LOST-esque The Event are also unfortunatly salmon swimming upstream.
The Nielsen rating system blows my mind. It pretty much goes like this:
SportsCenter: 500 Billion Trillion viewers nightly.
American Idol: 250 ridicusillion viewers nightly.
Everything else: 1 million viewers nightly.
It’s amazing any show stays on the air, for serious. 30 Rock has barely any viewers but manages to get renewed season after season (thank GOD) in a theory they call the Arrested Development affect. Which basically means cancelling a show with a cult following is a death wish (thank GOB).
Why the TV topic you ask? I’m working from home watching the 3rd episode in a row of What Not To Wear and I’m starting to get frustrated about the content we have to choose from on TV these days. You would think with 1,000 channels I would find something, but the runner-up this afternoon is “Justin Bieber uses Proactiv”. I’m going to stick with TLC. Although if I see that Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA commercial one more time I’m going to hurt an animal out of spite (not really, but this commercial is not even OK).
Ooh Toddlers and Tiara’s is on! Gotta Go!

Note: By way of miracle this show is not being cancelled. Fun fact: TLC does not cancel shows, especially if they involve little people or debilitating social anxiety.

I put the boob in boob tube,


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This Week’s Links We <3

Wisconsin man shoots TV over Bristol making it to the finals of Dancing with the Stars and how mama bear’s conservative supporters are beating the  DWTS voting system. It pissed us off, too. – CBSNews & Jezebel

In other Palin news, Willow (age 16) is a crazy racist jerk. Attacks classmates via Facebook. (We wonder where she gets it from…her home life? No, never!) – Huffington Post

Video interview of Will and Kate’s engagement. She is gorgeous, he’s adorable. We love that deep voice of his. – MSNBC

Another Willow’s [Smith] hit “Whip My Hair” is such a sensation even Neil Young (played by Jimmy Fallon) and Bruce Springsteen are doing their own rendition.  –Rolling Stone

Facebook Stalking Can Kill You – Jezebel

Someone who makes fun of Mormos better than we do, who knew? – Seriously Oblessed

Be sure to clarify the kind of dishwashwer you want… – Don’t Even Reply


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Gluten Free in SLC

Bianca my darling-

How are you?! My Thursday is just flying by! Probably because it is a short day and fun room Thursday for the kiddies. We’re playing friendship bingo with multigrain cheerios. I know, you’re super jealous.

But, don’t be too jealous. The reason we’re playing with multigrain cheerios is because I had to get rid of mine. No, I’m not going on a cereal ban, unfortunately, it is much worse. I’m on a gluten ban, my friend.

I’ve been having really awful migraines again and nothing is stopping them. So, I went to the acupuncturist (don’t laugh) and after some needles and some family history she starting doing muscle tests on me to see if there was anything that I was consuming to cause migraines. Muscle tests consist of me holding something in my right arm (my multivitamins, my supplements, vials of different substances) and holding my left arm out. My acupuncturist would then press down on my left arm. If my left arm was strong the vitamin, supplement or substance was fine, if it was weak and she could press my arm down it was something I shouldn’t be eating/consuming. (I don’t get it either…) So everything was going fine until she grabbed the vial labeled gluten. I know what gluten is in… EVERYTHING THAT I LIKE (See: Beer, wheat, multigrain cheerios, burritos, happiness). And so, believe me, I was ready to hold my left arm up no matter what. But no, Bianca, it dropped like a fly. I even made her do it again. EFF ME! No more gluten?!

I’ll pause so you can stop laughing.

Believe me, I have been teased by everyone about this. Algebra thinks it is a joke (he even made me cry a little) and the roomie and her man couldn’t keep their chuckles to themselves (they didn’t try very hard)… But, I really want to try this. Mostly because western medicine hasn’t been able to touch my migraines… maybe a little eastern medicine can’t hurt! AND I should have you skeptics know, I’ve been off my migraine meds and gluten for a week and so far so good! No migraines and I’m feeling fine. I might be craving a burrito like a junkie craves crack, but I haven’t caved and therefore am feeling great. Rice is my hero right meow.

Wanna know what I haven’t been doing? Training for our half marathon. And guess what? I’m not even scared. Where is this confidence coming from?! I should be shaking in my sweats, but ever since my brain made the connection that it can’t be harder than two zumba classes in a row, I don’t feel the need to train. I have tomorrow off, so I’m forcing myself into a long run.

Anywhoser. Did you catch Modern Family and (still) Cougar Town last night? Oh my funny. I love fall programming. So happy it has finally entered my life again (though not the new condo until tonight… damn internets and cable are killing me).

Gluten free is the way to be (for now),


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