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I trust you.

Sorry for another video post sans explanation of disappearance and reappearance… but this is pretty awesome.

Bianca, pee *before* you watch this clip.

For the record, I totally trust that you ladies would drop me for similar YouTube fame.

Taking a self proclaimed snow day even though I’m still on maternity leave,


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Greetings from Armageddon,

Yes, that’s right. The world (maybe just Utah?) will be ending sometime around 4:00pm this afternoon. Everyone is advised to leave work early (totally on board with this weather pattern), get home (DO NOT go to any grad school classes) and be prepared for the worst (oh, I’m preparing for the BEST!).

Bianca and Bailey! OMG! So much to say with so little time left. If the world does end, I just want you to know how much I love you two and how much you both mean to me. You’ve been amazing friends and are truly supportive. And finally, I need to confess this one thing so I can have a clear conscience if this is it: I’ve had lesbian dreams about both of you.

If the world does not end and this is all just a massively hyped storm: Forget I said anything.

The roomie and I decided we’d better prepare for this huge storm that might knock at all power, so we grocery shopped last night.

We bought:
Peanut Butter.

I have a friend who is “preparing for the blizzard a lot like Y2K” with:
Pitch forks

When we got home we were told that we should have been buying things like batteries, flashlights, and canned food, but dudes, I have a High School Musical Flashlight. I’ll be fine.

In preparation for the storm we also made a cake with pink frosting. All are welcome to come wait out the storm at our place! Pickles for everyone! Plus – we might need the extra people for body heat if the power goes out indefinitely.

I’m leaving work and making one emergency stop at the Liquor Store (I can’t believe I saved the most important task for last). Who wants what?!

Hunkering down,


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