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Something is wrong with Utah adolescents

Hello ladies!
I feel like it has been decades since I have written you a proper email and I apologize. I have been recovering from February which involved way too many activities. I went from the Dew Tour at Snowbasin to being thrown into work. It has been traumatizing (not really, just going from working at home 5 hours a week to 20 hours in an “office” is a little trying.)
But really let’s back track. Dew Tour. I have never felt so looked up to by 13-18 year old boys in my life. Walking around with a backpack full of Mountain Dew, opening 300+ cans of Dew with my own bleeding fingers (code red, throwback, voltage, you name it I opened it). Gaggles of boys were seeing how many mini cups of Dew they could chug. They would say things like “he drank 75 of these last year,” like I should be impressed. Please. If it was a shot of vodka it would be a different story. Another part of the job was putting decals on helmets, snowboards, cell phones, etc. Parents would ask me what kind of training I had to put on stickers, because I was so good at it. It was really quite an accomplishment. After 4 days and $600 I still don’t know if it was worth it. My nails still haven’t grown back. And for some reason I feel like this had to be the most annoying stop of the Tour. Something is wrong with Utah adolecents.
Anyways on a completely different, yet still irritating Utah subject …how ‘bout Brandon Davies? If you live in Utah, let alone anywhere in America and haven’t heard about this you may live under a rock. The BYU mega-basketball star who was suspended for having premarital sex. How many other of the non-LDS players do you think are sitting there quivering in their boxer briefs that they are going to be outted, too? We all went to college, we all know they get play on and off the court. Everyone who goes to BYU is NOT a perfect little Mormon. But also who is the chick (his “girlfriend”?) who spilt the beans? I mean either way I guess he knew what he was signing up for when he went to that institution, no harsh words, but still I have to feel sorry for the kid.
I guess all in all I have to feel sorry for our state’s reputation. You never hear about the cool things that are happening here on the national news, only the weird shit. Sister wives, BYU, state guns…. we need a state image revamp and pronto. I’m sick of being in another city and someone mocking me for where I live. I mean yes they are ignorant, but still it’s because they probably don’t hear anything else. I mean I love living here and hate the remarks,  so why sit around. I think we should start the campaign.  Who’s up for it?
Making my top ten reasons I ❤ SL,UT,


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Slow Day, I mean Snow Day.

Dear Jerks,

I’m sorry. That was rude. I’m just jealous that you two are skiing in Park City while I’m sick at home.

While you two are having a powder day, I am doing this:

That would be me forcing Snowball to pose for awkward photos against his will. And yes, it was the most exciting part of my day.

Although I am incredibly jealous of you guys up on the slopes, I can’t complain. It’s been a nice day of working on my almost-done deadline from my couch while I watch crime shows and nurse my mild illness. But I have to be honest with you, on days like today it’s hard to come up with an entire e-mail’s worth of words (especially witty ones).

So far today, I thought it was February when I looked at the calendar, the cable guy accidentally came to my house instead of the house next door, I ate some cool whip like it was ice cream and seriously eyed the vodka (I resisted, unfortunately).

Later on I’m going to take QDW some soup because she has a debilitating kidney infection (what do you tell people when something like that happens to you… I mean there is only one way to get one of those, right?), Zumba it up, and watch Modern Family which will be the cherry on top of my day (I’m not being sarcastic, I seriously love that show).

Slippy, Slappy, Swenson, Swanson… Samsonite! I was way off!,


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Out of Office Reply

December 22, 2010 at 11:25 a.m. Bailey Vaughn wrote:

Subject: Out of Office Reply

I will be out of the office until further notice with limited internet connection. Will reply if urgent matter (a bad hair day is not considered urgent) during my holiday festivities. If you must reach me I will be accepting gifts at my house throughout the weekend. Until next year, cheers!


December 22, 2010 at 11:37 a.m. Bridget Vanderbilt replied:

Re: Out of Office Reply

Miss Vanderbilt is out of the classroom until January 3, 2011. Though I do care about each and every student and hope they have the happiest of holidays, I will not be checking my email until my return to the classroom in the New Year. I will be much too busy drinking away the memories created in this last week of school of 2010.

For future reference parents: Sending students with ADHD to school with a Mountain Dew is a bad idea (always). Little jingling earrings and musical shirts are cute for about -2 minutes and make me want to take them apart with a blunt pencil. Sending gifts to your child’s teacher is a good idea, unless the gift is alive, then it’s horrific.


December 22, 2010 at 11:52 a.m. Bianca Vanderstappen replied:

Re: Re: Out of Office Reply

Bianca Vanderstappen will be out of the office until Monday, January 3, 2011 with no access to e-mail.  If you are a coworker, I’m working diligently on deadlines from home.  (If you are a friend; I’m skiing, travelling and partying with my family.)


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