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Will. Strangle. Cupid.

Bailey and Bianca,

How are my two favorite people to email in the whole world? Sorry I’ve been MIA all day. From having my principals and parents in my room to my most ADHD student forgetting to take his meds, it has proved to be an absolutely crazy day (and from what I hear from you two, you’ve had crazy days, too. Maybe it’s something in the UBBER COLD air).

First of all:
Bailey – congrats again on your new job! I’ve recently spoken with your boss (being that she’s my favorite aunt) and she can’t stop raving about you. I still can’t believe you didn’t tell me about your interview ahead of time. 🙂
Bianca – thank you for our sappy/silly text conversation. It made my Sunday.

Moving on, how’s your Tuesday and first day of February going, gals? It may be freaking freezing (so cold my student’s haven’t been allowed out to recess), but it’s clear outside and I can see the sun AND the mountains! Ah-mazing!

Being that it’s February, Valentine’s Day is all my students can think about! It’s two weeks away and they’re already hyper because of all the chocolate they will consume and pokemon cards they will receive. And now – it’s all I can think about. What should I get Algebra? What is he going to get me? Where are we going to celebrate? When are we going to celebrate? BLAH!

Do you think Algebra will mind if we just skip Valentine’s this year? (My intuition thinks he’ll be relieved and super stoked on the idea.) I’m just too stressed out to even think about it, will have to celebrate with twenty-four students and at the end of the day – I DO NO CARE. I don’t care if he gets me roses, I don’t care if we exchange sappy cards and I really don’t care if we even go out to dinner that night. Our relationship is fine, thank you very much and I don’t need some sappy, mid-month holiday to spice anything up.

Did I mention Valentine’s is on a Monday this year? A Monday. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?! (Nothing is the correct answer here.)

Nope, not even you, Algebra.

Gals, I’m so stressed out I don’t know what to do. I feel like I haven’t been able to relax since spring semester started. I constantly have a minimum of five things on my mind, am on the verge of an anxiety attack and then forget what the hell I was worried about in the first place (I was glad to hear you two experience the same phenomenon). I think it’s stress amnesia – you stress out so much your brain blows a fuse and forces you to forget whatever it was you were worrying so much about. The roomie and I had a talk last night and I think my stress level is kind of turning me in to a hateful bitch in survival mode. Oops. Sorry if I’ve been evil lately. I’ll be back to normal when I graduate in May 2012.

This whole new level of stress that I’m functioning on is “forcing” me into taking a mental health day on Thursday (thanks for the idea, Bianca). I think I’m going to book a hotel room up in Park City and surprise Algebra with it as a preemptive Valentine’s Day strike. But – I’m having a hard time finding a pet friendly (not leaving Weiner with a “stranger” just quite yet) hotel that would be worth stay at. Any recommendations?

I guess I better get back to work diverting my students attention from Valentine’s Day for the next two weeks.

Cupid, who?


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Look hot in biker shorts and other incredibly important goals for 2011.

Goooooood morning, girlies!!

How’s your Tuesday going?! Mine ROCKS!! I’ve been up since 5:30, downed a whole carb-free ROCKSTAR and have already conferenced with two parents. Yup. It’s parent teacher conference time and my chemically induced energy is absolutely necessary for the next two days while I find out exactly why my students have the little quirks they do. But man-oh-man do I have some energy today! Yikes.

In preparation for parent teacher conferences (besides scaring the hell out of my students) we have been setting long and short term goals for ourselves. I made my kids come up with 10. And since I’m being a good sport and example, I decided I’d come up with 10, too.

Um… okay… 10 goals for the next year-ish… that can’t be that hard, can it? (It can.) Here’s what I came up with:

1: I will find and purchase the perfect piece of furniture to go behind my couch in the living room. (It’s harder than it sounds, trust.)

2: I will finish my $%@&$!! masters program (even if it kills me and my social life in the process).

3: I will start saving money (bwahahahahahahhaha!)

4: I will have more fun in 2011 than I did in 2010 (my hardest goal yet, 2010 has rocked, my friends) and will get a new stamp in my passport – preferably from India.

5: I will make more time to spend with my grandparents. (Love them, miss them, better take advantage of seeing them while I still can.)

6: I will make more of an effort to be gluten-free as recommended by my witch doctor. (Beer is just so tasty and the gluten-free beer tastes like licking a stamp.)

7: I will learn how to (really) ride a bike and compete in some sort of awesome race. (And look awesome in biker shorts. Which brings me to….)

8: I will get in awesome shape and feel comfortable strutting around in biker shorts. (And you better believe I will strut.)

9: I will print out pictures that are being held captive on my digital camera. (So many fun times – but where are they?!)

10: I will figure out what I want to be when I grow up (when this whole teaching thing gets too exhausting) that will still only require me to work 9 months of the year with 3 weeks off for Christmas.

WHEW! That was harder than I thought. 10 goals is A LOT! Are you guys the kind of people who always have a 10 year plan? What list of things do you really want to accomplish***? Or are you more the “fly by the seat of your panties” type girls? I used to be such a planner, but once I graduated college and got a job… what more is there? Obviously, A LOT!

Planning for future awesomeness,


***Bonus points if this involves breaking the law, spending time with your favorite person, Bridget, and/or inventing the best, calorie-free cocktail ever.


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You take the low road and I’ll take the… screw it. I’ll take the low road, too.

Hey Girls!

I hope your week is going well! So… should we talk about the awkward horned frog in the room? I was so amped for the TCU/Utah game – and then WOMP!- we got our asses handed to us. But let’s look at the bright side: at least there were a plethora of Jell-O shots and super cute pics of the three of us tailgating!

I think the game on Saturday is where my War on Negativity began.

Yes, you read right: War. On. Negativity. Basically, I’m sick of attitude from people that’s not really necessary. Why waste all that time and (negative) energy just to bring someone else down?

Example 1: Some IDIOT Sitting Behind Me at the Utes Game – This guy may have began the Boo-ing of our cute little quarterback, Jordan Wynn. Dude. TCU is obviously a way better team than we are, do you really think that boo-ing a 20 year old is going to change anything? Further more, do you think that our fate rested only on Jordan Wynn’s inability to complete a pass? I’m going to say no. Football is a team sport, grumpy Gus, and if you woke up Sunday morning and were still a Utah Fan (I’m assuming by his missing teeth he wasn’t an Alumni) you should be ashamed of yourself. And maybe, just MAYBE if the crowd wasn’t boo-ing Wynn, Coach Whit would have tried out Cain in the second half (But why would he side with you boo-ing idiots?!)

How I fought the negativity: Poorly. I’ll yelled at the IDIOT behind me until he moved (into his correct) seats. Oops.

Example 2: Co-Worker of Doom – I work in a pretty rough profession at a pretty rough school. I understand that not everyone’s day will be all sunshine and rainbows, but does that mean every day needs to be doom and gloom day? Survey says… NO. I feel really bad that this person has nothing going on in their life besides their job, but does that mean they have the right to make fun of me because I have other things going on besides work?

Actual Quotes from Co-Worker of Doom:

“Ha. You’re stressed about grad school? Maybe you should stay in for once this weekend.”  —  “You’re going out of town AGAIN this weekend? {Eye roll} I wish I had that kind of time.” — “You don’t know what to get your boyfriend for Christmas? Maybe you shouldn’t have a boyfriend.” —  To a co-worker with kids, “Oh, YOU took a day off because your kids are sick? Having kids is a personal choice.”

Seriously, I’m about at my wits end. I start off every day with a smile on my face (part of the War on Negativity) and it is quickly wiped off by this Mean Martha at work. I’m ready to switch grade levels for next year just so I don’t have to put up with it! (Note: The choices from the other grade levels aren’t that bright and shiny either…)

How I fought the negativity: A little better. I sent her an email asking why she was so down lately and if there was anything I could do to help the situation, etc. She didn’t respond (though I know she got it and has had ample time to respond). So then, I whined to another co-worker. Oops.

Urgh! I’m not doing very well, am I? I realize that so far every negative situation I’m faced with I quickly turn negative, too. Dammit! Hey. At least I’m trying, right?

 Trying not to stoop to new lows,



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The Tired, The Sad and The Stolen in SLC


Bianca, this week is thoroughly kicking me in the pants. I’m exhausted. I’ll need a Maria Carey style stint in a hospital to recover by Friday.

It all started with the epic length of time that my mortgage is taking. Father Vanderbilt tried to blame Obama for my housing debacle in his first conservative rant in years, but I would not let that happen. Yes, it’s taking longer than it should for a “well qualified” lendee as myself to get this whole closing thing closed, but it isn’t Obama that made it that way. It’s all the silly sub-prime mortgage and {insert mortgage lingo that I don’t understand and don’t care to here} that made it this way. Obama and his posse are just trying to sort out and fix this mess! For my president, for my country and possibly at the expense of my sanity, I can wait to close and move into my super cute condo next week. You’re welcome, America.

Then, school started. Whoa. Not working for three months really makes you forget how hard working is. This whole 7:30 to 3:30 thing is killing me! PLUS I have parent teacher conferences this week which means I have the pleasure of meeting all of my little kiddies ‘rents (and know exactly why they have the little quirks they have). It also means I’m putting in 12 hour days in the first week of school.

Oh yeah, and starting grad school. Ha. Let’s just say for my very first class as a grad student, for two hours I thought I had somehow made it in a wormhole and ended up at Brigham Yuck University. Let’s not go there.

To top it all off, MY PRETTY PRETTY PURPLE BEACH CRUISER WAS STOLEN! Yes, B, you read right, STOLEN! It was chained up outside my neighborhood market and someone jacked it! Chain and all. You’d be so proud, I didn’t even cry (one little droplet doesn’t count, right?), but I did file a report with the Salt Lake City Police Department. I have all the faith in the world that they’ll find it. (You’ve seen the bike. If we see someone riding it down the street, there’d no mistaking that thing. Purple bike, periwinkle wheels… come on). I have to say, that is one brazen theif to steal such an identifying vehicle.

So. After my pity party (see: above) the social worker at my school came in to talk to me about one of my students. She’s currently working to get him and his family into a homeless shelter because they are (and have been since June) living in a shed. No running water or electricity, dirt floor, one room, bathing via hose. He and his parents and sadly, two little brothers have been living in these conditions for about three months, but don’t worry, my little student managed to bring his homework every day this week. I don’t even know what to say.

I feel so horrible that anyone (especially one of my students) is struggling through this and managing to function while I whine about my busy schedule and silly purple beach cruiser. Kind of puts things in perspective, eh?

I’m really lucky and need to buck the heck up and stop whining. I’ve had everything I’ve ever needed and I think everything I’ve ever wanted. Who am I to complain?

More grateful for everything than ever,

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