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They put the fun in dysfunctional

Good Morning, ladies!
I am enjoying this beautiful inversion-free SLC day. Not to mention it’s Friday and I have a new blondie blonde haircut. It’s a good day.
Bails I’m so sorry to hear about your Prius. It doesn’t seem like we have very good luck with cars. Maybe it runs in the family (along with killer good looks and a high tolerance for alcohol). To answer your question, No. I don’t know how much a new bumper costs, but I don’t think you’re going to like the answer when you find out. But your birthday is coming up and I’m sure your parents will oblige. (Do you ever get embarrassed that we’re twenty-middle and still getting rescued financially (and otherwise) by our parents?… Me either.)
The idiot who hit me in the parking lot’s insurance company has agreed to fix my Prius. Getting hit three times in two months is so unfair. They say everything happens in three’s but then you’re constantly waiting for the other shoe(s) to drop. I prefer isolated incidents that never happen again.
How was your weekend without us, Bridget? 
San Diego was warm and wonderful as per usual. We biked and hiked and almost got hit by a train, we partied and superbowled and most notably, watched QDW make a drunken fool out of herself. In between telling stories of her boyfriend she would sit on brother Jon’s lap and aggressively flirt with his friends. I ended up cock-blocking (AKA: helping her not cheat on her boyfriend) which was a wildly unpopular move.
While fun, this trip was more stressful than usual which gives me anxiety. Spending that much time with my family makes me happy that I have such an outrageous bunch to call my own, but also pretty certain that I couldn’t live at home again.
Sometimes my life feels like the movie, Orange County with Colin Hanks (remember how many times the song, Butterfly by Crazy Town played in that movie?). I’m the Colin Hanks character, my mom is the mom character (to a T, old boyfriend and all), my brother is the Jack Black character but in Law School and my Dad is Clark Griswold from The National Lampoon movies.
My dad made us hand wash every dish in his sink last weekend even though he has a working dishwasher. He uses the same TV he bought in 1994 even though he has a 50-in HDTV sitting in a box in the garage, and up until last month used dial up internet and Windows ’94 (I guess he was really in to technology in 1994).
My mom cried when she learned we parked her car at the bar. She “retired” last year from… (I still can’t figure it out, the last job she had was in 2001), and ordered a bottle of wine plus an extra glass for the table at brunch. There were three of us.
My brother was an undergrad for 7 years at three universities, lived in Australia for an extra month after missing 3 flights home (Bridget, you and I met his cronies down under and it’s no wonder. They were a special breed of hippies.), didn’t have a driver’s license for 9 years due to numerous violations yet still managed to finish at the top of his law school class this year. 
I know, they’re pretty great. I love them more than anything and miss them terribly but due to their neurotic behavior, when I move back to San Diego this year I’ll seriously be looking for my own place.
Armed with rocks from my glass house,

*Picture courtesy of National Lampoon, inc. The Griswolds are my favorite dysfunctional family.


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The Calm After the Storm

Why hello there, return San Diego travelers!

I hope you both had an excellent vacation to San Diego! The pictures look incredible, I bet the sunshine was miraculous. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

While you were gone I went to a King Niko show (for the City Weekly Music Awards), a Jazz game and watched the Super Bowl with some friends and the family. Good times, but I definitely missed feeling your presence in SLC.

On Sunday (before puppy training class – Imma kill Wiener), I went to Jami’s Sunday class at Flow Yoga. That class makes my whole week. It’s like church, but with thought-provoking messages you actually want to listen to, people you’d actually like to be around, stretching, challenging poses and no stale ‘body and blood’ of Jesus (I’ve still never been able to wrap my brain around the whole communion/sacrament thing, btw. Ew. Why do I want to eat Jesus? After a decade in Catholic School, you’d think I’d get it or at least accept it, but nay.) ANYWAY. After yoga I had resolved to become this calm and kind and open human. I was going to be the epitome of zen.


Fast forward 24 hours and I’m the exact opposite. I’m cursing at everyone that dares share the freeway with me, making snotty comments to my Research Design professor, on the brink of calling one of the DramaWhores and giving them a piece of my not-so-Zentastic mind and picking an extremely irrational fight with Algebra (that lasted a good 4 hours – and ended with me crying and apologizing for being such a betch).

However, after I got all that crazy out of my system, I’m actually feeling really calm and awesome today. Today is a great day, my friends! I’ve been singing and dancing around the classroom and we even did fourth grade yoga. I’m pretty sure my kids think I’ve been doing drugs – but nay, I’m just having a good day.

Perhaps I needed purge a few things before I could actually start a journey of yoga like calmness.


PS Bianca – after our IM about Lululemon, I went to the showroom to check out snobbish yoga gear and I have a confession: I’m hooked. If you ever think I’m putting on Nike ish ever again, you’re sorely mistaken. It’s amazing. Eff my paycheck from the school district (really, eff it, I blew a quarter of it on yoga gear), I want to quit my job and work at the Lulu store just so I can wear the gear all day. Do you think they put crack the material or something?!

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No way, no plow.

Good Morning,
Happy first Thursday of 2011. I’m trying to enjoy this new year but am struggling quite a bit. For example, it’s freezing and will continue to be freezing for at least two more months. And because of these cold temperatures I was hit by a giant orange state snow plow which took out my rear window (and most of the back of my car) which in turn has caused me to be even more freezing.

If you’re wondering why I’m driving around like this instead of getting my car fixed, well I have to wait 10 business days for the city to decide if my “claim” will be accepted which is something that is not only infuriating, but frankly just very rude. Especially since the plow driver was not only cited by the Salt Lake Police Department but already accepted the blame. Once they approve my claim I’m sure it will be another offensive amount of business days until I’m driving around in what doesn’t look like my mobile home. 

Maybe it’s the fact that I was in another accident just weeks earlier that makes me especially sensitive to this hideous situation, or maybe it’s that I am from San Diego and have no patience for or understanding of this ridiculous (it truly is ridiculous) weather; but I’ve found that my usually sunny disposition has taken a stark turn toward cynical to the point of resembling Janeane Garofalo .

It doesn’t help that January is notoriously depressing and I just accidentally killed my car battery by leaving my lights on. True story. Do you know how to jump start a Prius? Me either. 

In an attempt to cheer up I wrote down all of the things I’m looking forward to this year, but most of them start in July. When that didn’t work, I let the small wins like skiing and that new Modern Family episode perk me up. Then I read the news and genuinely began to feel better. 

Did you hear that the average weight gained from Thanksgiving to January 1st is 10lbs? I didn’t gain any weight. Small win.    

Did you know that the unemployment rate has reached an all time high for this state? I’m still employed. Yes. 

Did you know that there is a disease called Alopecia where you lose all of your hair? I’m really glad I don’t have that. Really glad. 

I’m going to keep this up, and will back to my cart-wheeling self in no time.

In the meantime, where’s my tail?


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Frightening High School memories are nice, too.


I am in an absolutely fabulous mood this morning because I am flying home to San Diego tonight! I’m so excited. And then I get to pick you and the Asian up from the airport tomorrow morning. I’m glad we’re going to L.A. I haven’t been to L.A. in at least 5 years. San Diegans generally like to stay within their city limits. It’s kind of like Salt Lakers and Provo or Ogden. You don’t venture to those parts unless you absolutely have to. I only went to L.A. once on vacation as a kid, and then a few times as a teenager to see concerts when I was lying to my parents. My Dad was really strict, but also very naive. But not near as naive as myself; I’m lucky I didn’t get killed with the stunts I pulled in high school… Oh, Bianca. You were an idiot.

For example, my junior year of high school I went to a Sevendust concert in L.A. with my angsty friend. I lied and told my parents it was a Spanish club overnight. Our friend who drove us up there decided to be a good kid and drive home so she could go to school in the morning. Idiot Bianca decided to stay with no plan on how to get the 100+ miles back to San Diego. Angsty friend ended up catching the eye of the lead singer, got invited back stage, and then back to his hotel room. I tagged along until I realized they didn’t want to be just friends. I wandered the hallways of the hotel until I found the drummer who let me sleep in his room. Thank god he was a gentleman. He let me sleep in the bed while he slept on the couch and lectured me on roadies and why I shouldn’t be one. In the morning Angsty and I took a cab to the train station and took that back to San Diego. (In case you’re counting the opportunities where I could’ve been raped and/or murdered, it was 8 times.) My brother picked me up from the train station and gave me a lecture on idiots and why I shouldn’t be one. It’s a miracle I survived my bad decisions.

I always get nostalgic for old memories when I go home! Except usually it’s for warm fuzzy childhood memories, but oh well, frightening high school memories are nice too.

We have to run the Rock n’ Roll half-marathon on Sunday. Are you ready?!? I’m not. I really slacked off on my training this time around. I love race day, so I’m hoping the adrenaline of that will keep me strong. It doesn’t hurt that we have matching leopard running skirts, just so cutey cute. (And yes, by cute I mean ugly.)

Dinner at the Dodo last night was fabulous. We should dine there more often. Sharing an entree was definitely enough food, and was so cheap. As a general rule I like to share entrees so I have an excuse to have a glass of wine (any excuse will do, really). My whole meal was $12!

Well I must get back to reality now, but before I go I’d like to leave you with this song. In case you’re feeling overwhelmed, this should make you feel better. And if you’re not, this should make you feel better:

Hey. You’re OK,


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