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Big Bang or Big Man?

Hey girls,

I email you from a day long 8-4 training. Thank goodness I brought my “off task tools.” Read: iPad, iPhone, iAnything.

Now, I promise not get too deep, but I find myself questioning the existence of a “higher power” a lot lately. I’ve always considered myself an “optimistic agnostic.” Meaning, I’d love it if I found a religion I could believe in, would welcome the existence of a God, but am pretty skeptical.

Let me start out giving you a teeny bit of background information. I grew up going to church and going to a Catholic school. We went to church *most* Sundays until I started comparing myself to Jesus at which point my parents knew I wasn’t getting the message and we stopped. This happened probably around the same time in the bible where Jesus skips from childhood to adulthood (there I go comparing again…).

Anyway, I’ve never been super religious and since about the time I got my driver’s license was very skeptical of all religions.

A few weeks ago Algebra and I watched Curiosity on the Discovery Channel. It was Stephen Hawking explaining why there is no creator (before the big bang, there wasn’t time, there wasn’t anything, so there can’t be a God). It kind of made sense to me, but this is where I always get stuck on my agnostic-ness. How can something come from nothing? If there wasn’t a universe before the Big Bang… what/who created the big bang? Maybe my brain is just not built to understand…

The next thing that has spurred my recent conundrum is karma. I really believe in karma. You get what you give. If you’re a jerk to someone, someone will undoubtedly be a jerk to you (probably when you least need any jerkiness in your life). You hit someone’s car and run, something bad will happen to your car. How does karma exist if there is no higher power? Positive/negative energy just knows where to go? I think not.

And more! What about coincidence?! How does just the right thing/person land in your lap just when you need it most?

I don’t know. Do you good catholics have any advice for me? Algebra is catholic, too, and I’m wondering if I should stop trying to brainwash him and maybe just go with his quasi-religiousness.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to become some crazy religious freak (I don’t know that I can ever except the bible to be the word of God or a lot of other stuff that I’m not going to say at risk of being stoned), but I’d like to know – what is the middle ground? How am I supposed to raise my future children? Am I going to hell for writing this?

Peace be with you,


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Finding myself through drinking… tea.

Bianca and Bailey,

Hi friends! Whew! What an extended weekend we all had. First and foremost, OMG Bianca! I am so glad you’re alright after your tragic Prius accident! I feel so bad for your noggin and your poor salsa red, now crunched, Prius. Thank goodness you’re okay! The voicemail you left me immediately after it happened scared the bejesus out of me! I’m so glad I checked my phone! Note: Someday I’m going to find a way to upload your voicemail on to the website so others can hear the fear in your voice and understand why I went into panic mode!

Bianca, you sure rallied fast! One day after your horrific accident you joined Bailey and me at a pretty epic BYU/Utah tailgate! Bailey, I especially appreciated your call to find out my exact whereabouts when I was late for all the tailgating glory (really I was just down enjoying some free booze at the Red Bull tent). I love tailgating about a thousand times more than I love going to the actual football games. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an avid Utah Football fan, but a fan of freezing my ass off? Not so much. I’ll tough out the elements for some morning cocktails, but a game where my team doesn’t score until the fourth quarter? No thanks. By the time the game was over and UTAH WON WITH AN INCREDIBLE BLOCKED KICK I couldn’t feel my toes (that were even bundled up in Uggs and ski socks)!

That’s neither here nor there because the real reason I’m emailing you is to tell you that I’ve found religion. Mother will be relieved. After I refused to come get my box of Christmas decorations (Seriously, a tree plus three heavy boxes? No thanks, mom.) she sent a text to my roommate saying, “Bridget is denying Christ. If you would like Christmas decorations, I will deliver them to you.” ***

My new religion is found not in a church, but in a tea bag (not in tea bagging, pervs). Yes, I now worship Yogi Tea. Bianca, much like you find solace from our favorite yogi at FlowYoga, I now find peace and guidance at the end of a little string connected to my delicious tea.

I attend church twice daily. Each night before bed, I sip on their Bedtime Tea and relax into sleep contemplating the thought the yogi from yogi tea has prepared just for me. Then, when I awaken in the morning, I reach for Blueberry SlimLife or Pomegranate Green Tea and then read the thought on my yogi tea to start my day off right.

Today’s thought: It is not a privilege to know other people. Know yourself. That is a privilege.

Deep, right? It made me think: I’m pretty sure I know you two better than I know myself. Sh*t! So if you guys could share some notes about me, that’d be great. I’d really like the privilege of knowing myself and I really don’t want to let down my tea yogi.

Pondering my next cup of tea,

***FYI even the Archbishop (bishop? archbishop? local funny hat wearer?) of the Catholic Church in Utah made an announcement that Catholics should hold off on decorating for Christmas until the 23rd of December and keep decor up until January 9. Soooo as far as you Catholics are concerned, my Scroogeness was really just so we can all remember what Christmas is really about and celebrate advent and stuff. OKAY, MOM?!


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