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St. Pat’s from the past

Well hello there, M.I.A. and Houdini!

I’m a little offended that I haven’t received an e-mail from either of you all week. But considering you, Bailey are in New York celebrating St. Patty’s in style and you, Bridget are joining me in Sun Valley this weekend I’ll let it slide.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! I’m wearing green, of course. And am highly judgemental of those who don’t. One day a year you are asked to wear a certain color, how hard is it? 

My boss has never worn green and I just think that makes her kind of a stuffy b*tch. Sorry, but if you can’t celebrate a holiday, what can you celebrate? She’s in all black today. Maybe it’s a mormon thing, like Jehovah’s witness’ where they don’t celebrate holiday’s of other denominations. Stuffy b*tches.

I’m nostalgic today because you’re celebrating in New York City, Bailey. You’re with some of my favorite people day drinking fancy free in the sun while I sit here at my desk doing none of those things. My favorite St. Patty’s day ever was actually in NYC with you.

It was a long fabulous day that started like this:

Then we watched the parade, illegally participated in the parade, drank some green beer, ate a hot dog at a random house, visited a few more random houses, miraculously ran in to friends from San Diego, got in an argument with a stranger about politics, took this picture not knowing the zoom was on:

Took a nap, attempted to go to the bar, ended up at an apartment party that looked like a bar where you made out with who I’m pretty sure is now The Situation, made it to the bar where we decided we couldn’t rally anymore, got a cheese steak, got lost, found our way and went to sleep.

It was the best day ever and I’m SO bummed I’m not there with you today. But I hope you are having an absolutely fabulous time and too inebriated to even be reading this right now.

As for you, Bridget we are Sun Valley bound tomorrow night and I am so excited! I can’t wait to pretend we’re rich and fabulous and hang out at the lodge and swim in the giant jacuzzi. I need a girls trip and this is going to be wonderful.

It’s back to work for me, but before I go I thought I would leave you with some St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts:

34.5 million U.S residents claim Irish ancestry, that is 9 times the current population of Ireland.

St. Patrick was actually Scottish.

The 4 leaf clover is the symbol of St. Patrick’s day to represent the sign of the cross.

The City of Boston’s population has almost 25% direct Irish descendents.

Over 94 million people wear green on St. Patrick’s day world wide.




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Who me? Couldn’t be. Then who, in the canoe?!

Bianca and Bailey-

It’s official. I’m getting in the Christmas spirit. After making gingerbread houses with my students yesterday, wrapping Christmas presents (making a HUGE mess) and then our annual holiday girl’s dinner – I can’t help but have a jolly perspective on life. Maybe that’s just all the wine that comes with the holidays, but in any event, MERRY MERRY!

Our girls’ dinner last night was fantastic. Minus the choice in
restaurants (seriously, the Olive Garden?!) it was a hilarious and wonderful evening with all the drama free (What’s happening to us?!) DramaWhores. I have weird social anxiety when I get around a group of people I know too well (or don’t know at all – so pretty much always) so to make sure I’d be “comfortable” at the dinner I was sure to down a mammoth glass of vino before we left the house, and although I felt nice and toasty throughout all of dinner, I must say, I don’t think I needed the liquid Xanax. Everyone was happy, nice, funny and wonderful.

It was great to catch up with everyone – some that I hadn’t seen in months – and chit chat about our lives, what’s going on, who’s dating who and (yikes) how we are all connected. It might sound like a sweet little subject line for an email, but nay, this connection is far more illicit. We are all connected by the people on Greek Row that we managed to *hook up with.

With all of us around a table, bottles of wine and the volume of our voices cranked to the max – it all came out. All the connections at the table were CRAZY and even a few lasses were caught in lies! HILARIOUS!

Bianca, you were by far the queen of the Alpha’s. And that one Sigma Pi (or was he an Alpha? Or both?) had managed to lock lips with 80 percent of the table, amazing! Also, I’d just like to throw out that the number of hook ups that you two share (especially for being related) is nothing other than magical. There’s really got to be some sort of special incest at play here: frat brothers with cousins, real brothers with sorority sisters, cousins and sorority sisters sharing real and frat brothers… Oh my!

My other favorite part of the night is when hook-up locations, people and events were all muddled (surely from the amount of brain cells we killed during college). “Wait. Was it you in the canoe?” “I think I was in a sailboat.” “But who was in the lawn chair?” “Which coast were we on?” “He said he remembers some sort of floatation device…” Et cetera.

Sigh. College was fun and hilarious. And the only thing that could possibly be more fun is re-hashing each event, detail by detail, years later with the greatest friends in the world. I love us.

Feeling lucky to have such wonderful DramaWhores as friends,

*Hook up: Think the junior high definition of make out, not the porn version of God only knows what you’re thinking, pervs. (Although I’m not going to lie, the hook-up umbrella emcompasses all kinds.)


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Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves…

As Jay Z would say…

Our names are HOV… I mean… Hi! We’re the girls from Prius Envy! We live in the incredibly beautiful and always entertaining Salt Lake City, Utah. It is our pleasure to give you our unsolicited opinion on whatever it is we’re thinking about at any particular moment.

We play, we travel, we drive Prius’ and occasionally tend to our careers.

While we’re working at our day jobs we squeeze in a daily correspondence via email and then it magically appears here on this site (we blame computer hackers, particularly of the PC variety). You may know every detail about what we’re doing, where we’re going and who we’re going to with, but when it comes to what makes us US, you might not know so much. So here’s a little about us…

Bianca Vanderstappen – 2008 Salsa Red Prius
Bianca is the kind of girl who wishes it was summer all year long.
Bianca is the kind of girl who considers Vegas an anti-depressant.
Bianca is the kind of girl who isn’t afraid to hug a stranger.
Bianca is the kind of girl who laughs so hard she cries.
Bianca is the kind of girl who pays it forward in ways only she understands.
Bianca is the kind of girl who will skinny dip when the situation calls for it.
Bianca is the kind of girl who thinks the hangover was worth it.
Bridget Vanderbilt – 2007 Pretty Pearl (white) Prius
Bridget is the kind of girl who doesn’t need people to laugh at her joke to know it was hilarious.
Bridget is the kind of girl who can admit when she’s wrong, although it doesn’t happen very often.
Bridget is the kind of girl who will tell you like it is.
Bridget is the kind of girl who pays it forward because if she doesn’t, who will?
Bridget is the kind of girl who considers her friends as family.
Bridget is the kind of girl whose friends would say is the glue that keeps everyone (and everything) together.
Bridget is the kind of girl who loves herself some Jack Daniels.

You may know Bianca and Bridget, but this duo has turned into a trio and Bailey (formerly SLCinNYC) is the new third wheel. Fresh from New York, Bailey has just purchased a Pruis and little did she know the obligations that would come with the new whip!

Bailey Vaughn – 2010 Fully Loaded Most Awesome New Edition Prius (BITCH.)
Bailey is the kind of girl who makes her dreams a reality.
Bailey is the kind of girl who knows exactly what to say to make you feel better.
Bailey is the kind of girl who pays it forward for the good karma.
Bailey is the kind of girl who appreciates an expensive pair of shoes.
Bailey is the kind of girl who procrastinates to save time.
Bailey is the kind of girl whose friends would say is the life of the party.
Bailey is the kind of girl who can appreciate a day drink or two.
We hope you are excited as we are for the new addition to our blog. Expect good things and stay tuned!
The Girls with Prius Envy

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