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Which New Years Girl Are You?

The blog below is our very first post. We reposted it since it’s relevant to the new year, and also because we’re feeling nostalgic (aw) as we approach the year anniversary of GirlsWithPriusEnvy.com Happy New Year!

Hello Bridget!

How was your new years? I’m so glad I was in California. Coatless.

I know I say this every single year, but can we acknowledge this as the most overrated holiday ever? Put it in to perspective… Are we ever disappointed frolicking the streets of New York on St. Patty’s day? No. Are we ever disappointed whilst riding beach cruisers on our Nation’s Independence Day? Hell no! Poolside on Labor Day? NO. Halloween? I think you know the answer to that.

The expectations are the problem. We expect the epic night of the year, but all we end up with are pictures on facebook of how hot we looked after getting ready for three hours and disappointment. This country is filled with diverse women from all walks of life, but no matter who or where you are on New Years, the night always plays out the same. Regardless of who you are, you are one of the following girls on this horribly overrated holiday:

Girl #1: The girl who conveniently ends up in the bathroom stall at 11:58 p.m. This girl has scanned the bar all night for Mr. 12:01, but has come up empty handed. This girl can be heard saying, “Omg you guys, can you believe I missed the countdown in the bathroom, I’m so bummed!” Except she’s NOT bummed. She’s very happy she made it in to a stall instead of being stuck behind lip-locked strangers.

Which brings me to Girl #2: The lip-locked stranger. This girl is on a mission. She hasn’t had a boyfriend for the last few New Years’ and she’s not about to ring in another year couped up in a bathroom stall. She’s been scanning the bar all night for the right guy, but at 11:50 she’s still standing with her posse. Alone. This girl waits until the last minute to see who hasn’t paired up, then grabs the nearest guy and shares a smooch at the last second. Saved by the bell… This romance doesn’t last through Auld Sang Lyne.

Girl #3: The “lets just be with our girls tonight” girl. This girl is out with her single friends and is not about to be alone when they find a guy. If she’s sans man tonight you better believe so are the rest of her friends. She rings in the New Year with her posse in a big group hug. She can be heard saying, “We dont need guys, all we need is eachother!” This is immediately followed by a quick chug of wine, a roll of the eyes, and resentment from everyone within earshot. (This category has a sub category in the event Girl #3 drinks far too much in which the group hug is replaced with a big dirty group kiss. This is almost always documented, made viral and regretted).

Girl #4: The hopeless romantic. This girl started her night as Girl #3, hoping to be Girl #2, but lucks out and meets “THE ONE”. Keep in mind that all women are especially vulnerable on this ridiculous holiday, so it doesn’t take much for a man to charm the pants off one of us (literally). This girl meets this guy when he buys her a drink. He listens to her, shares her passion for astrology and cats, and makes out with her in to the wee hours of the new year. This girl can be heard saying, “I can’t believe how lucky I am that I met this amazing guy, it’s like a fairy tale!” Days later she can be heard saying.. “What a jerk.”

Girl #5: The girl in the relationship: She kisses her mate. There really are no more details in this story unless this is their first new years together in which case it is the most romantic night of her life. Thus, she wins… second place. The First place trophy goes to the girl who made the best decision and stayed home with Carson Daly.

Which brings me to the final and winningest woman, Girl #6: The girl who stayed home. She knows that New Years is over rated and would rather save her time and money than be alone in a bathroom stall, or kissing a stranger, or kissing someone who could’ve been “the one” but was really a stranger, or getting too drunk and kissing her friends… Instead this smart well-adjusted cookie gave herself a facial, mani AND pedi, got 8 hours of sleep, and started her New Years exercise resolution at 9:00 a.m. January 1, instead of two months later.

In conclusion, It is my vow to ring in 2011 in the comfort of my own home and slippers. Preston and I had a great night but I can’t tell you how much money I spent. Never again…

Love and Prius,



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I’m putting my phone on Silent night

Bianca and Bailey-

Word to Tuesday my friends. In unexpected news Algebra bought me a puppy for part of my Christmas gift. The little bugger’s name is Wiener. Yes, he is a mini dachshund (I had to google it to spell it correctly). And yes, he is completely running my life. Ladies, I’m being controlled by a 2.3 pound pup, but he’s just cute enough that I’m okay with it – for the next few weeks anyway.

Today marks 1/2 day more of work and the start of all the family Christmas drama! Who’s ready for it? You? You? Nope. Me either. I’m already ready for a holiday cocktail (and by holiday cocktail I don’t mean something festive, I mean something strong, dark and in a glass with or without ice).

In Santa’s little bag of goodies it looks like there is a heap of dramatic communication from all fronts. And team, it isn’t even Christmas Eve yet. I’ve received emails, texts, phone calls and smoke signals telling me how disappointed everyone is with me or someone and how I should deal with it (“Deal with it” See: Drink suggestion above).

Actual texts I’ve received from family members:

– Oh, you’re not going to make it out before Christmas? I guess that’s okay. (Dude, Christmas is in four days and correction, you’ll see me Christmas eve.)

– Algebra got you a puppy? Isn’t that what married people do? (What, anus? No. I don’t know what married people do, but I’m pretty sure single people have gotten puppy gifts before. Ps: Jealous no one bought you something to pee on your carpet and bite your toes with razor-sharp teeth? I’m sorry.)

– Cool. I guess we’ll see you on Christmas. (Not if you keep up that attitude.)

– Great seeing you, you look a lot skinnier than a few Christmases ago. (Seriously?)

 – What? You don’t want to stay the night in a new place with a new puppy? But you promised weeks ago. (You want puppy pee on your carpet? Cool, we’ll sleep over.)

– Guess what {delinquent cousin} did! Don’t you think you can talk to them about it? (Family gossip. Just say no.)

– Has Algebra wrapped a string around your finger for measurements? (Ew. No. And who does that anyway?)

{Sigh.} One good thing about getting older is that I have to be present for only the family drama that I choose to (and that’s a present in itself). Also, knowing that Christmas always ends with a trip to Piper Down for “therapy” with friends makes it all worth it.

Looking forward to Christmas after all,


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Engaged or Enraged? Which are you this holiday season?

Bianca and Bridget,

I am going to start off this email by saying if you are going to get engaged or break-up with your significant others before the end of this month, I don’t think we can be friends. I don’t know what it is about 2010, but I didn’t know I had this many friends who I thought were even capable of getting married and/or breaking-up in general.

I mean, 2010 was the year of sorority friends all over to get married. Is it because we are now 25+? Must be because 7 girls got engaged this year. Luckily I think I only have to go to FOUR weddings next summer, all of them being out of state or the f-ing country. I can’t wait and am SO happy for these girls, but I just don’t understand how one is supposed to fund all this. Dress for the wedding, wedding present, bachelorette, flight, hotel, blah blah blah…I need a Xanax just thinking about it. I mean for real though, where the F was my memo that in my mid-20’s I would need a few grand to spend jetting off to these occasions? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be great at the wedding and have the time of my life. I’m a conservative dancer, social drinker, can talk to anyone…just a little frazzled.  Hopefully I have this whole procedure down before you two take the leap, I honestly am going track each itinerary to make sure I find the best method. I will be a pro. Promise.

On the other hand, all the single ladies. It is rare you will find girls our age have a big single girl posse. Well ladies and gentleman, I feel one forming. Who would want to break-up right at Christmas? Well it seems like half the girls I hang out with. Is it like the itch to just be free? Maybe it’s just the reaction of their significant other not wanted to take the plunge. Either way, I’m not complaining I think it’s fun when there is a big girl posse to roll with, but it is also scary if comes along an eligible bachelor. Take cover…some of these girls are frisky.

Not only are my friends going through this cycle of either tying the knot or kicking their partner in the curb, but celebrities too. They are just like us! This week alone Ryan Reynolds/Scarlett Johanson & Zach Ephron/Vanessa Hudgens called it quits while Nicole Riche/Joel Madden (her dress was AMAZING) & Hulk Hogan/his random blonde slut of the month (their wedding got interrupted by a BEACH BRAWL?) got hitched! I have to say I am quite pleased with all the happenings – minus the Hulk I could honestly care less about him.

Anyway my unmarried but in a committed relationship but still can go out and have fun friends, that is that. In all honesty, if one more of my friends gets engaged and decides to have a wedding next year b/t Memorial Weekend and Labor Day I am going to have to become a hooker.

Off to David’s Bridal,


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Do you hear what I hear?… Yes, and it’s giving me a headache.

Bridget, New Year’s resolution talk already? Thanksgiving is barely approaching. Why does Christmas come earlier every year? I feel like everyone used to say it, but now I really realize it. A majority of stores have already decked the halls with Christmas decorations, music playing, the works. I mean the Today Show already has their Holiday Guide up, full of Christmas segments and more.

I understand it from the retail standpoint; if the holiday shopping season lasts longer there is a good chance people will buy more, but remember the feeling of after Thanksgiving and the rush of the Christmas decor? Hmph, I want to be a Scrooge until after Thanksgiving; however, I too have fallen into this black hole of Christmas in November. I, as a consumer, have been tricked. I already have hung up in my closet about 90% of my presents from my parents and Santa. My mom said I have to give it back on December 20th to wrap it, but am I going to be bummed when I already know everything I’m opening? I feel as you get older it’s not as big of a deal, but still. On the other hand, what’s the point in picking out jackets and clothes that I need right now and having it sit in my mom’s closet until December to open up – right? I need my new leather jacket from Nordstrom’s half yearly sale NOW.

Well anyway, I need some good meaningful yet thrifty (remember there’s no incoming money for this girl right now) gift ideas. One year it was letter mugs from Anthropologie, the past three years was easy peasy hitting up street vendors in New York – pashminas, jewelry, random Buddhas and other artifacts from Canal – so what is this year? I was thinking about printing pictures and framing them, um…that’s all I got so far.  Ideas for small, meaningful presents to give to my friends who I don’t see so often but still want to give a little token.

Ugh! Why does so much stress come with the holidays, no wonder people drink so much. You want to know what I’ll be drinking (Bianca, I’m making you try it and you will LOVE it) is a Warm Winter Margarita. Tequila is fabulous all year round and the highest sale of tequila is around the holiday’s so not be one with the trend.

Ingredients – Serves 4:
3 ½ cups apple juice
1 cinnamon stick
2 cups dried fruit of your choice
2 tbs granulated sugar
4 shot glasses silver tequila – Sauza is affordable and delish in this
Combine apple juice and cinnamon in a heavy pot. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove cinnamon stick carefully. Add sugar, dried fruit, and tequila. Mix well. Serve warm.
Enjoy ladies and I promise you’ll LOVE it!

I’m thinking about booze and it’s 10am, but it’s GOTTA be 5 o’clock somewhere (and it is, in London, so there),


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Seasons of Love (or lack thereof)

Greetings from my pea coat.

I am enjoying this rainy day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still clinically depressed about the end of warm weather, but these clouds match my mood. I just want to snuggle up with Snowball and finish my book (my beach read, ironically). It would be better if it was a more tempestuous storm, but I’ll take it.

I got in an argument with QDW yesterday about the Seasons. All seasons have their pros and cons, and I’m generally a fan of the earth regardless of it’s proximity to the sun, but of all the seasons, Autumn is the least awesome. Here’s why… The activities are so limited. The weather is so unpredictable that you can never plan to do something outside, it’s main holiday requires binge eating, and most glaring of all, pools are closed and ski resorts aren’t open yet. It’s the season between the seasons.

Spring is ideal because of the anticipation for summer, and who doesn’t love a giant bunny who hides eggs? I love Winter for it’s warm and cozy good memories, and don’t even get me started on Summer. Summer = Perfection. But Fall? Meh. It’s kind of like the movie, The Blindside. I can’t figure out why people like it so much. I do however appreciate fall clothes. Any time I can wear leggings instead of jeans is alright with me. So I’m going to chalk up the leaves turning to just that. Leggings.

(I’d like to point out that the lack of activities I have available now that it’s fall has reduced my e-mail topics to talking about a lack of activities.)

Happy first day of twenty middle! How was your real birthday last night? I thoroughly enjoyed all of the birthday festivities throughout the last two weeks. Your birthdays are always fun.

Looking forward to girls night on Thursday (injected with sting of sarcasm). I lame-ize myself, but are we really going out on a week night? I really count on 8 hours of sleep a night. Can’t we just sit on your couch and watch NBC like we always do? Can we fake sick together or will they be hip to our jive? Maybe I’ll dibs designated driver. But then again, drinking might make the evening tolerable.

I’m a little cynical today as I’m sure you’ve gathered. I’m just not in the mood for sunshine and rainbows (since there is neither sunshine nor rainbows outside my window (literally and figuratively)). I hope you appreciate my lack of enthusiasm. I know I’m enjoying it.

Where’s my tail…


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