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Simple Math to a Beach Body

Happy Tuesday B&B,

How’s your second day of the work week? You’ll be happy to know that I survived Valentine’s day. Algebra bought me a new, beautiful watch and found my favorite wine that I didn’t think existed anymore. His gift was pictures of what I ordered off Amazon for him 5 minutes before since I was boycotting the holiday, but then accepted the fact that I must participate.

Anything eventful happen to you ladies last night or did you just go about your usual Valentine’s routine?

Anyway. I’ve decided to stop eating carbs (again). Not only will it include all the gluten I shouldn’t be eating anyway (a gluten intolerant diagnosis just doesn’t seem scary enough for me to avoid the stuff), but I will help me drop a few lbs. I’m feeling the summer swimsuit pressure already, ladies! And guess what? I couldn’t be happier about it. The sun is shining, the air is getting warm and minus that little snow storm we’ll certainly have the the end of the week… I’m ready to throw on my bikini (I am, my body; however, is not – thus the carb ban).

I’ve also subtracted pilates (scheduling constraints) and added yoga and kalari. Team! Have you heard of kalari? OMG. It’s AHHHHmazing. Officially, it’s Indian martial arts (I think). Unofficially, it’s superhero training/gymnastics for grown-ups. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I attended my first class last Thursday and I’m still sore. Plus, my cheerleading background actually came in handy (first time since trying to date studly seniors in high school) when I could do a hand stand AND a backbend.

So, if I’ve done the math right (I’ll check with Algebra later):
(Bridget – carbs) + sunshine – pilates + (yoga x kalari) = Super hot bod in time but preferably before summer!

I can't wait to look like this in a few weeks! No?

Right? I’ll let you know how this goes (especially because I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been actively trying to lose weight).

In totally awesome and important news, ALGEBRA’S BAND IS A CITY WEEKLY MUSIC AWARDS FINALIST! So awesome! There’s three bands, King Niko and two other bands that I’ve never heard of and the winner gets 2K and all the glory. Super neat-o. Bianca suggested we glam it up and head to the concert this Saturday and I couldn’t agree more. Bailey, you in? It’s at the Vertigo Room of The Complex (some new venue in downtown SLC) on Saturday night. Woot, woot!

Thinking skinny, carb deprived and not at all angry about it,

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Gluten Free in SLC

Bianca my darling-

How are you?! My Thursday is just flying by! Probably because it is a short day and fun room Thursday for the kiddies. We’re playing friendship bingo with multigrain cheerios. I know, you’re super jealous.

But, don’t be too jealous. The reason we’re playing with multigrain cheerios is because I had to get rid of mine. No, I’m not going on a cereal ban, unfortunately, it is much worse. I’m on a gluten ban, my friend.

I’ve been having really awful migraines again and nothing is stopping them. So, I went to the acupuncturist (don’t laugh) and after some needles and some family history she starting doing muscle tests on me to see if there was anything that I was consuming to cause migraines. Muscle tests consist of me holding something in my right arm (my multivitamins, my supplements, vials of different substances) and holding my left arm out. My acupuncturist would then press down on my left arm. If my left arm was strong the vitamin, supplement or substance was fine, if it was weak and she could press my arm down it was something I shouldn’t be eating/consuming. (I don’t get it either…) So everything was going fine until she grabbed the vial labeled gluten. I know what gluten is in… EVERYTHING THAT I LIKE (See: Beer, wheat, multigrain cheerios, burritos, happiness). And so, believe me, I was ready to hold my left arm up no matter what. But no, Bianca, it dropped like a fly. I even made her do it again. EFF ME! No more gluten?!

I’ll pause so you can stop laughing.

Believe me, I have been teased by everyone about this. Algebra thinks it is a joke (he even made me cry a little) and the roomie and her man couldn’t keep their chuckles to themselves (they didn’t try very hard)… But, I really want to try this. Mostly because western medicine hasn’t been able to touch my migraines… maybe a little eastern medicine can’t hurt! AND I should have you skeptics know, I’ve been off my migraine meds and gluten for a week and so far so good! No migraines and I’m feeling fine. I might be craving a burrito like a junkie craves crack, but I haven’t caved and therefore am feeling great. Rice is my hero right meow.

Wanna know what I haven’t been doing? Training for our half marathon. And guess what? I’m not even scared. Where is this confidence coming from?! I should be shaking in my sweats, but ever since my brain made the connection that it can’t be harder than two zumba classes in a row, I don’t feel the need to train. I have tomorrow off, so I’m forcing myself into a long run.

Anywhoser. Did you catch Modern Family and (still) Cougar Town last night? Oh my funny. I love fall programming. So happy it has finally entered my life again (though not the new condo until tonight… damn internets and cable are killing me).

Gluten free is the way to be (for now),


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