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Twenty Middle Plus One

Oh hey there Bianca and Bailey!

How are my two favorite partners in crime? Our lack of blogging seriously disturbs me and has truly worried out gal (pen) pals at Cocktails at Tiffany’s (sorry ladies, we’re trying, I promise!). They even played virtual Marco Polo to find us. But like the master himself, Waldo, we’re still kind of lost (in the blogging world, career path place and on boot buying blvd).

It was great hanging out with you ladies on Saturday night. I love our impromptu pub crawls. They’re always just the perfect length (since we set the rules) and it was the perfect way to celebrate our good friend’s twenty middle plus one birthday. (Bianca-thanks for sharing your feather earrings with Algebra, er, Bear Paw, that was totally necessary.)

{Picture me floating through a worm hole from right now to a year ago from now}

Aw, the good ol days. Last year. All we could email about was how afraid we were to turn twenty middle. Le sigh. Your twenty middle plus one birthday has come and gone (unblogged about, sad. I heard there was a no pants party?) which means it’s my turn. Whatev. I feel like it’s not even a big deal. There’s so much going on that I couldn’t tell you what day of the week my birthday is. I think it’s a Tuesday? Wednesday? Anyway. We’re heading to Mile High with QDW to celebrate like we did for my Twenty Middle Minus One birthday and I feel like it will be a great little girl’s weekend to bring in the fall (and craziness that will ensue).

Craziness Ahead:
-Football season continues (Pac 12 what? Pass me a 12 pack, I’ll be tailgating)
-Algebra’s band plays The Big Ass Show (Seriously, that’s what it’s really called)
-Halloween (Costume ideas, anyone?)
-Thanksgiving (Bridget in Denver. Bailey in ?. Bianca in ?)
-Fall Semester Wraps Up (Bridget’s next to last, prepare to call her Master Bridget or Master Bates, whichever)
-Bianca finishes the book Bridget gave her and decides on a career path which takes her abroad to Bangladesh and she narrowly misses Bridget’s wedding (at which point Bridget regrets giving her the book in the first place)
-Bridget’s Wedding
-New Years
-World Ends.

Seems like a lot of craziness, but since the list (not me) brought up the wedding, I can talk about it. It’s three months away. Seriously. Look at a calendar. Three months (ok, three months and two days, but whoa). How did that sneak up on us? Let me put it in perspective for you: Approximately three months ago it was the fourth of July.

{Pause for everyone to regain consciousness}

I thought I had everything pretty “planned and together.” But now, I’m thinking not so much. Even worse, I don’t know the things that I still haven’t done. Sh!t.

Gotta go.

Hitting theknot.com so they can tell me how behind I am,


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The Holy War

The Holy War, or University of Utah vs BYU rivalry as it’s known to anyone else outside of Utah has a long rich history dating back to 1896. We write this post today in honor of the 92nd annual football game between the power house and the power church.

If you’re wondering who we root for, just think about it for a minute. Our name is a pun on male genitalia. We’re not experts, but we’re pretty sure that penis innuendos are the #1 no-no in the moron (er, mormon) handbook. Also, we’re U of U alums and will unconditionally support our team now and forever.

Enjoy these statistics we’ve compiled after long hours in the library researching (or Wikipedia, whatever you want to call it) and make sure to root for the Utes. GO UTES!

“I really hate them. Playing in the game helped me understand. They are the most arrogant people. It’s the whole church and state thing. They’re the ‘good kids’. We’re the ‘bad kids.’ I didn’t feel it in my gut last year like I do now.” – Alex Smith**

The Holy War

University of Utah Utes
Brigham Young University Cougars
Trophy see Beehive Boot
Originated April 6, 1896
Series 91 Games
Utah leads 53–34–4
First Game Utah 12, BYU 4 April 6, 1896
Largest Victory BYU 56, Utah 6 November 22, 1980
Highest Scoring Game BYU 70, Utah 31 November 18, 1989
Lowest Scoring Game Utah 0, BYU 0 November 17, 1928
Longest Win Streaks BYU 9 (1979-1987) Utah 9 (1929-1937)
Most Recent Game BYU 26, Utah 23OT November 28, 2009
Current Streak BYU 1 (2009)
Last Ten Games Tied, 5-5
Next Game Salt Lake City November 27, 2010


Utah Wins (53)
1896 (Apr. & Nov.)
1898 1922 1923 1924
1925 1926 1927 1929
1930 1931 1932 1933
1934 1935 1936 1937
1939 1940 1946 1947
1948 1949 1951 1952
1953 1954 1955 1956
1957 1959 1960 1961
1962 1963 1964 1968
1969 1970 1971 1978
1988 1993 1994 1995
1997 1999 2002 2003
2004 2005 2008


Their logo is stupid

BYU Wins (34)
1896 (Dec.)
1897 (Dec. 4 & 18)
1942 1958 1965 1966
1967 1972 1973 1974
1975 1976 1977 1979
1980 1981 1982 1983
1984 1985 1986 1987
1989 1990 1991 1992
1996 1998 2000 2001
2006 2007 2009

**Bailey made out with Alex Smith in College a lot.


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You take the low road and I’ll take the… screw it. I’ll take the low road, too.

Hey Girls!

I hope your week is going well! So… should we talk about the awkward horned frog in the room? I was so amped for the TCU/Utah game – and then WOMP!- we got our asses handed to us. But let’s look at the bright side: at least there were a plethora of Jell-O shots and super cute pics of the three of us tailgating!

I think the game on Saturday is where my War on Negativity began.

Yes, you read right: War. On. Negativity. Basically, I’m sick of attitude from people that’s not really necessary. Why waste all that time and (negative) energy just to bring someone else down?

Example 1: Some IDIOT Sitting Behind Me at the Utes Game – This guy may have began the Boo-ing of our cute little quarterback, Jordan Wynn. Dude. TCU is obviously a way better team than we are, do you really think that boo-ing a 20 year old is going to change anything? Further more, do you think that our fate rested only on Jordan Wynn’s inability to complete a pass? I’m going to say no. Football is a team sport, grumpy Gus, and if you woke up Sunday morning and were still a Utah Fan (I’m assuming by his missing teeth he wasn’t an Alumni) you should be ashamed of yourself. And maybe, just MAYBE if the crowd wasn’t boo-ing Wynn, Coach Whit would have tried out Cain in the second half (But why would he side with you boo-ing idiots?!)

How I fought the negativity: Poorly. I’ll yelled at the IDIOT behind me until he moved (into his correct) seats. Oops.

Example 2: Co-Worker of Doom – I work in a pretty rough profession at a pretty rough school. I understand that not everyone’s day will be all sunshine and rainbows, but does that mean every day needs to be doom and gloom day? Survey says… NO. I feel really bad that this person has nothing going on in their life besides their job, but does that mean they have the right to make fun of me because I have other things going on besides work?

Actual Quotes from Co-Worker of Doom:

“Ha. You’re stressed about grad school? Maybe you should stay in for once this weekend.”  —  “You’re going out of town AGAIN this weekend? {Eye roll} I wish I had that kind of time.” — “You don’t know what to get your boyfriend for Christmas? Maybe you shouldn’t have a boyfriend.” —  To a co-worker with kids, “Oh, YOU took a day off because your kids are sick? Having kids is a personal choice.”

Seriously, I’m about at my wits end. I start off every day with a smile on my face (part of the War on Negativity) and it is quickly wiped off by this Mean Martha at work. I’m ready to switch grade levels for next year just so I don’t have to put up with it! (Note: The choices from the other grade levels aren’t that bright and shiny either…)

How I fought the negativity: A little better. I sent her an email asking why she was so down lately and if there was anything I could do to help the situation, etc. She didn’t respond (though I know she got it and has had ample time to respond). So then, I whined to another co-worker. Oops.

Urgh! I’m not doing very well, am I? I realize that so far every negative situation I’m faced with I quickly turn negative, too. Dammit! Hey. At least I’m trying, right?

 Trying not to stoop to new lows,



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