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Tenaciously caring

Hey Gals,

On this stormy, blustery day I can’t help but think about something so close yet so far away; warm, fabulous, care-free Summer.

So far I have a cruise planned, three trips home, 4th of July debauchery and hopefully a Europe trip (I might be delusional about the Europe thing, but I’m using ‘The Secret’ tactic where you say it’s true and then it becomes true like science). Therefore, I’m going to Europe in August.

I’m also hoping my job gets “absorbed” (that’s what my company is calling it now since “severed” sounded too severe.) by June so I can hang poolside all month.

After the Europe trip I have no plans, no agenda, no idea. And I feel pretty great about that.

My mom wants me to get knocked up and make Preston deal with my lack of resources, but I’m pretty sure I would rather die first. Nothing against Preston, it’s more the trick pregnancy for financial gain thing I have a problem with. But hey, it’s a different generation, right? In the 80’s that was acceptable and how I’m pretty sure my brother and I came to be.

Bailey, I know you are cringing at the irrelevance of this e-mail, and for that I apologize. I just want to make sure you two are fully aware of my summer plans so you can plan accordingly. How am I funding said Summer? Also irrelevant (‘The Secret’). Moving on to more relevant things.

I’m dealing with the drama of my Dad’s relationship with his girlfriend of over 7 years, Suz, who has become crucial to the family dyanmic and it’s causing me more stress than I can deal with.

The fight is about how he and my mom have an inappropriate friendship (they totally do) and Suz has had enough. My parent’s have been married and divorced to each other twice and have never really severed their feelings for or dependency on each other. They live two minutes away and keep in touch pretty regularly. When I put myself is Suz’ shoes, I would have had enough, too.

I made the mistake of telling Dad all of these things and that my brother agrees. Now everybody is mad at me. They raised me to be this way, how could they be mad? I’m opinionated, meddling and needy and am pretty sure those qualities are a product of nurture, not nature. They should be mad at themselves for rasing me to be so tenaciously caring.

Plotting ways to fund my impossible summer travel and manipulate my family in to loving me again (ah yes, ‘The Secret’ yet again),


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They put the fun in dysfunctional

Good Morning, ladies!
I am enjoying this beautiful inversion-free SLC day. Not to mention it’s Friday and I have a new blondie blonde haircut. It’s a good day.
Bails I’m so sorry to hear about your Prius. It doesn’t seem like we have very good luck with cars. Maybe it runs in the family (along with killer good looks and a high tolerance for alcohol). To answer your question, No. I don’t know how much a new bumper costs, but I don’t think you’re going to like the answer when you find out. But your birthday is coming up and I’m sure your parents will oblige. (Do you ever get embarrassed that we’re twenty-middle and still getting rescued financially (and otherwise) by our parents?… Me either.)
The idiot who hit me in the parking lot’s insurance company has agreed to fix my Prius. Getting hit three times in two months is so unfair. They say everything happens in three’s but then you’re constantly waiting for the other shoe(s) to drop. I prefer isolated incidents that never happen again.
How was your weekend without us, Bridget? 
San Diego was warm and wonderful as per usual. We biked and hiked and almost got hit by a train, we partied and superbowled and most notably, watched QDW make a drunken fool out of herself. In between telling stories of her boyfriend she would sit on brother Jon’s lap and aggressively flirt with his friends. I ended up cock-blocking (AKA: helping her not cheat on her boyfriend) which was a wildly unpopular move.
While fun, this trip was more stressful than usual which gives me anxiety. Spending that much time with my family makes me happy that I have such an outrageous bunch to call my own, but also pretty certain that I couldn’t live at home again.
Sometimes my life feels like the movie, Orange County with Colin Hanks (remember how many times the song, Butterfly by Crazy Town played in that movie?). I’m the Colin Hanks character, my mom is the mom character (to a T, old boyfriend and all), my brother is the Jack Black character but in Law School and my Dad is Clark Griswold from The National Lampoon movies.
My dad made us hand wash every dish in his sink last weekend even though he has a working dishwasher. He uses the same TV he bought in 1994 even though he has a 50-in HDTV sitting in a box in the garage, and up until last month used dial up internet and Windows ’94 (I guess he was really in to technology in 1994).
My mom cried when she learned we parked her car at the bar. She “retired” last year from… (I still can’t figure it out, the last job she had was in 2001), and ordered a bottle of wine plus an extra glass for the table at brunch. There were three of us.
My brother was an undergrad for 7 years at three universities, lived in Australia for an extra month after missing 3 flights home (Bridget, you and I met his cronies down under and it’s no wonder. They were a special breed of hippies.), didn’t have a driver’s license for 9 years due to numerous violations yet still managed to finish at the top of his law school class this year. 
I know, they’re pretty great. I love them more than anything and miss them terribly but due to their neurotic behavior, when I move back to San Diego this year I’ll seriously be looking for my own place.
Armed with rocks from my glass house,

*Picture courtesy of National Lampoon, inc. The Griswolds are my favorite dysfunctional family.


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Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves…

As Jay Z would say…

Our names are HOV… I mean… Hi! We’re the girls from Prius Envy! We live in the incredibly beautiful and always entertaining Salt Lake City, Utah. It is our pleasure to give you our unsolicited opinion on whatever it is we’re thinking about at any particular moment.

We play, we travel, we drive Prius’ and occasionally tend to our careers.

While we’re working at our day jobs we squeeze in a daily correspondence via email and then it magically appears here on this site (we blame computer hackers, particularly of the PC variety). You may know every detail about what we’re doing, where we’re going and who we’re going to with, but when it comes to what makes us US, you might not know so much. So here’s a little about us…

Bianca Vanderstappen – 2008 Salsa Red Prius
Bianca is the kind of girl who wishes it was summer all year long.
Bianca is the kind of girl who considers Vegas an anti-depressant.
Bianca is the kind of girl who isn’t afraid to hug a stranger.
Bianca is the kind of girl who laughs so hard she cries.
Bianca is the kind of girl who pays it forward in ways only she understands.
Bianca is the kind of girl who will skinny dip when the situation calls for it.
Bianca is the kind of girl who thinks the hangover was worth it.
Bridget Vanderbilt – 2007 Pretty Pearl (white) Prius
Bridget is the kind of girl who doesn’t need people to laugh at her joke to know it was hilarious.
Bridget is the kind of girl who can admit when she’s wrong, although it doesn’t happen very often.
Bridget is the kind of girl who will tell you like it is.
Bridget is the kind of girl who pays it forward because if she doesn’t, who will?
Bridget is the kind of girl who considers her friends as family.
Bridget is the kind of girl whose friends would say is the glue that keeps everyone (and everything) together.
Bridget is the kind of girl who loves herself some Jack Daniels.

You may know Bianca and Bridget, but this duo has turned into a trio and Bailey (formerly SLCinNYC) is the new third wheel. Fresh from New York, Bailey has just purchased a Pruis and little did she know the obligations that would come with the new whip!

Bailey Vaughn – 2010 Fully Loaded Most Awesome New Edition Prius (BITCH.)
Bailey is the kind of girl who makes her dreams a reality.
Bailey is the kind of girl who knows exactly what to say to make you feel better.
Bailey is the kind of girl who pays it forward for the good karma.
Bailey is the kind of girl who appreciates an expensive pair of shoes.
Bailey is the kind of girl who procrastinates to save time.
Bailey is the kind of girl whose friends would say is the life of the party.
Bailey is the kind of girl who can appreciate a day drink or two.
We hope you are excited as we are for the new addition to our blog. Expect good things and stay tuned!
The Girls with Prius Envy

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