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Grandma’s relationship status = it’s complicated

Check this out,

So grandma’s are hipper than we give them credit for. Trust me. At least mine is, she scares me.

So while was I planning my March, figuring out when my Grandma Dixie’s 80th birthday party was I found myself on her Facebook page. I didn’t know what I would find, maybe some cute messages from my cousins or aunts? Well I was wrong. Grandma Dixie and her friend Grace were having one controversial conversation right there on her wall for all to see.

I had to share this without exposing her to the world, so please see below. She is one sassy g-mama and I can only hope to be juggling two men at her age, it’s more than I can say for myself at 25.

(Bianca, what would we do if Grandma V started dating again… I would die.)

And FYI Ross is her 90 year old boyfriend who was at my cousin’s wedding a year ago to the date, and John…I just don’t know. Must be a new stud who moved into the assisted living neighborhood.

Where’s the beef?,



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Who me? Couldn’t be. Then who, in the canoe?!

Bianca and Bailey-

It’s official. I’m getting in the Christmas spirit. After making gingerbread houses with my students yesterday, wrapping Christmas presents (making a HUGE mess) and then our annual holiday girl’s dinner – I can’t help but have a jolly perspective on life. Maybe that’s just all the wine that comes with the holidays, but in any event, MERRY MERRY!

Our girls’ dinner last night was fantastic. Minus the choice in
restaurants (seriously, the Olive Garden?!) it was a hilarious and wonderful evening with all the drama free (What’s happening to us?!) DramaWhores. I have weird social anxiety when I get around a group of people I know too well (or don’t know at all – so pretty much always) so to make sure I’d be “comfortable” at the dinner I was sure to down a mammoth glass of vino before we left the house, and although I felt nice and toasty throughout all of dinner, I must say, I don’t think I needed the liquid Xanax. Everyone was happy, nice, funny and wonderful.

It was great to catch up with everyone – some that I hadn’t seen in months – and chit chat about our lives, what’s going on, who’s dating who and (yikes) how we are all connected. It might sound like a sweet little subject line for an email, but nay, this connection is far more illicit. We are all connected by the people on Greek Row that we managed to *hook up with.

With all of us around a table, bottles of wine and the volume of our voices cranked to the max – it all came out. All the connections at the table were CRAZY and even a few lasses were caught in lies! HILARIOUS!

Bianca, you were by far the queen of the Alpha’s. And that one Sigma Pi (or was he an Alpha? Or both?) had managed to lock lips with 80 percent of the table, amazing! Also, I’d just like to throw out that the number of hook ups that you two share (especially for being related) is nothing other than magical. There’s really got to be some sort of special incest at play here: frat brothers with cousins, real brothers with sorority sisters, cousins and sorority sisters sharing real and frat brothers… Oh my!

My other favorite part of the night is when hook-up locations, people and events were all muddled (surely from the amount of brain cells we killed during college). “Wait. Was it you in the canoe?” “I think I was in a sailboat.” “But who was in the lawn chair?” “Which coast were we on?” “He said he remembers some sort of floatation device…” Et cetera.

Sigh. College was fun and hilarious. And the only thing that could possibly be more fun is re-hashing each event, detail by detail, years later with the greatest friends in the world. I love us.

Feeling lucky to have such wonderful DramaWhores as friends,

*Hook up: Think the junior high definition of make out, not the porn version of God only knows what you’re thinking, pervs. (Although I’m not going to lie, the hook-up umbrella emcompasses all kinds.)


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