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Drumroll Please….Anniversary Week Reveal!

Hello Friends!

Happy Friday and Happy Final Day of Anniversary Week! Okay, so we promised pictures and all sorts of personal information, well here you go. While we won’t be releasing our SSN, cell numbers or even…birth names, we are giving you pictures.

Bailey – Here’s Bailey tailgating with some gluten free beer (tastes like postage stamps but she’ll take what she can drink) and looking fierce in faux fur and stunning shades. Note: Girl in the background we don’t know you and sorry you are associated with this.

Bridget – Here’s Bridget doing what she does best. Shaping young minds. Oh wait. That’s Bridget tailgating with Starbucks spiked with Baileys. Maybe that’s what she does best.

Bianca – Here’s Bianca looking into the gorgeous Pacific Ocean from her home town of San Diego. She felt guilty cropping her father out of the image, however his knee high socks set the wrong tone.

Maybe this isn’t ALL the info you wanted, but hey, you probably don’t give a sh*t anyways on a Friday afternoon. Apologies to those who expected a more detailed reveal, we didn’t mean to let you down. Thank you for reading our blog and including us in this exclusive online community.

Cheers to another year,


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Happy Birthday, widespread panic.

Bianca and Bridget,

Guess what today is? The one month anniversary of December 19, 2010. And the two month anniversary of November 19, 2010. Isn’t that amazing? I know I can’t believe it, either. But seriously, ladies an anniversary just seems like an excuse for companies to publicize themselves and people to talk about themselves. One year ago I had no idea you two were sitting around doing this sort of thing (pseudo blogging), to be exact October 27th was the day I was introduced. I will be holding my own anniversary at that point in time. But I mean if everyone else is doing it, I guess why not jump on the bandwagon…examples below:

Retail shops: It’s all about the sales (half yearly anniversary sales as well.)
Cities: Celebrations, parades, special city logo (Sun Valley is 75 this year and will be publicizing it ALL year long.)
Humans: Relationship milestones because they can’t believe they’ve made it so far (six month anniversary is my favorite) and birthdays which we constantly lie about.

I Googled 2011 anniversaries and the results are in. Do you know who else you share an anniversary with this year? The 2500 anniversary of the marathon, you marathon runners should have known that one. Jeeps 70th, Peace Corp’s 50th, Widespread Panic’s 25th. And me!

If you and the boyfriends were celebrating monthly anniversaries I might have a problem with this whole celebration. But since you seem to have your milestones in check, I’ll let this one slide. So happy anniversary to us and our sneaky sneaky blog. Kicking ass since January ‘010 (and kicking more ass since October ‘010).

Off to pick out the perfect paper present (since that is the traditional gift),


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Happy Anniversary to us!

This week marks the year anniversary of exposing our e-mails to the world via this blog.

In this whirlwind of a year we have posted 98 blogs tweeted 506 tweets and have still not told any of our family or friends that this site exists. We intend to keep it that way until they find it which is unlikely considering most of them just recently discovered the world-wide web.

We are so excited and proud that we’ve made it this far and look forward to another year of posting superfluous nonsense.

Anniversary Agenda:
Monday: Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday: Bridget reposts her favorite e-mail and explains what it means to her.

Wednesday: Bailey talks anniversaries and why they are so annoying.

Thursday: Bianca rewrites her favorite e-mail since she thinks the original version was poor.

Friday: THE BIG REVEAL… We, The Girls with Prius Envy will reveal our real identities including Facebook pages, phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers and most importantly, pictures! We will also be revealing our #1 link we ❤ the most.

Stay Tuned, and in case we haven’t said it before, thank you for reading our e-mails. We know that your blogs are funnier than ours so we genuinely appreciate you humoring us with your presence.


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