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Will. Strangle. Cupid.

Bailey and Bianca,

How are my two favorite people to email in the whole world? Sorry I’ve been MIA all day. From having my principals and parents in my room to my most ADHD student forgetting to take his meds, it has proved to be an absolutely crazy day (and from what I hear from you two, you’ve had crazy days, too. Maybe it’s something in the UBBER COLD air).

First of all:
Bailey – congrats again on your new job! I’ve recently spoken with your boss (being that she’s my favorite aunt) and she can’t stop raving about you. I still can’t believe you didn’t tell me about your interview ahead of time. ūüôā
Bianca – thank you for our sappy/silly text conversation. It made my Sunday.

Moving on, how’s your Tuesday and first day of February going, gals? It may be freaking freezing (so cold my student’s haven’t been allowed out to recess), but it’s clear outside and I can see the sun AND the mountains! Ah-mazing!

Being that it’s February, Valentine’s Day is all my students can think about! It’s two weeks away and they’re already hyper because of all the chocolate they will consume and pokemon cards they will receive. And now – it’s all I can think about. What should I get Algebra? What is he going to get me? Where are we going to celebrate? When are we going to celebrate? BLAH!

Do you think Algebra will mind if we just skip Valentine’s this year? (My intuition thinks he’ll be relieved and super stoked on the idea.) I’m just too stressed out to even think about it, will have to celebrate with twenty-four students and at the end of the day – I DO NO CARE. I don’t care if he gets me roses, I don’t care if we exchange sappy cards and I really don’t care if we even go out to dinner that night. Our relationship is fine, thank you very much and I don’t need some sappy, mid-month holiday to spice anything up.

Did I mention Valentine’s is on a Monday this year? A Monday. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?! (Nothing is the correct answer here.)

Nope, not even you, Algebra.

Gals, I’m so stressed out I don’t know what to do. I feel like I haven’t been able to relax since spring semester started. I constantly have a minimum of five things on my mind, am on the verge of an anxiety attack and then forget what the hell I was worried about in the first place (I was glad to hear you two experience the same phenomenon). I think it’s stress amnesia – you stress out so much your brain blows a fuse and forces you to forget whatever it was you were worrying so much about. The roomie and I had a talk last night and I think my stress level is kind of turning me in to a hateful bitch in survival mode. Oops. Sorry if I’ve been evil lately. I’ll be back to normal when I graduate in May 2012.

This whole new level of stress that I’m functioning on is “forcing” me into taking a mental health day on Thursday (thanks for the idea, Bianca). I think I’m going to book a hotel room up in Park City and surprise Algebra with it as a preemptive Valentine’s Day strike. But – I’m having a hard time finding a pet friendly (not leaving Weiner with a “stranger” just quite yet) hotel that would be worth stay at. Any recommendations?

I guess I better get back to work diverting my students attention from Valentine’s Day for the next two weeks.

Cupid, who?


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Hello Bianca and Bailey!

Holy sh*t! We actually managed to hang out and play this weekend! Even though it was a disaster of epic proportions, I’m still so glad I got to go through the epic disaster with you two lovely ladies!

Friday night the roommate invited me up to a party at Sundance. After swearing I would never go to a Sundance anything ever again, I, of course, immediately accepted. I mean we had our names on the list at Tao, how bad could it be? The answer: Very not bad. Pretty awesome, actually. Free booze, free hotel room, free patagonia coat and quasi celebrity sightings.

In any event, being in Tao made me feel like I had been transported to Vegas with all the dancing and celebrity(ish) sightings, but I was quickly reminded where I was when at 2:00am we were shoved to the streets. It started snowing like crazy. No one could catch a cab. Pure Insanity. Lucky for me, roommate had a driver arranged for the evening, so she made a call and we were safely escorted to our hotel (after we stopped for gas station burritos, ew, damn you free booze!).

Above you’ll see a picture of that one guy from those one movies we don’t really remember the names of because they sucked even when we were teenagers. Why the grumpiness, you ask? He was a douche. Whatever, dude, you’re not that cool. Infact, you’re not cool at all and acting like you are is embarrasing. For you.

Saturday night I was so stoked you guys braved coming out with Algebra and his cousin’s. The drink specials at Johnny’s on 2nd are horrifying. $4 for a shot and a beer. No wonder the night was ridiculous. People threatening to kill other people, two beer steins and countless shot glasses shattered, my attempting to drag a 200 pound dude out of a bar, MY PRIUS GETTING PUNCHED AND DENTED and then you two walking all the way to my condo.

I can’t believe it all happened in one night. INSANE. Needless to say, after this weekend I’m never drinking again, babysitting drunks or going to a bar EVER EVER EVER AGAIN. EVER.

In other news, Algebra’s band, King Niko is playing at Sundance on Saturday. They’ll be at The House of Blues (aka Star Bar during not Sundance) at 1:30 in the afternoon. Who wants to go up with me and get a little day drunk? You and you? Perfect.

Still wondering how we survived,

PS: I set my DVR to record the reunion episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Even though I haven’t watched one episode, I’m so stoked to see the reunion show with you gals on Thursday! Woot woot!


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No way, no plow.

Good Morning,
Happy first Thursday of 2011. I’m trying to enjoy this new year but am struggling quite a bit. For example, it’s freezing and will continue to be freezing for at least two more months. And because of these cold temperatures I was hit by a giant orange state snow plow which took out my rear window (and most of the back of my car) which in turn has caused me to be even more freezing.

If you’re wondering why I’m driving around like this instead of getting my car fixed, well I have to wait 10 business days for the city to decide if my “claim” will be accepted which is something that is not only infuriating, but frankly just very rude. Especially since the plow driver was not only cited by the Salt Lake Police Department but already accepted the blame. Once they approve my claim I’m sure it will be another offensive amount of business days until I’m driving around in what doesn’t look like my mobile home.¬†

Maybe it’s the fact that I was in another accident just weeks earlier that makes me especially sensitive to this hideous situation, or maybe it’s that I am from San Diego and have no patience for or understanding of this ridiculous (it truly is ridiculous) weather; but I’ve found that my usually sunny disposition has taken a stark turn toward cynical to the point of resembling Janeane Garofalo .

It doesn’t help that January is notoriously depressing and I just accidentally killed my car battery by leaving my lights on. True story. Do you know how to jump start a Prius? Me either.¬†

In an attempt to cheer up I wrote down all of the things I’m looking forward to this year, but most of them start in July. When that didn’t work, I let the small wins like skiing and that new Modern Family episode perk me up. Then I read the news and genuinely began to feel better.¬†

Did you hear that the average weight gained from Thanksgiving to January 1st is 10lbs? I didn’t gain any weight. Small win.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Did you know that the unemployment rate has reached an all time high for this state? I’m still employed. Yes.¬†

Did you know that there is a disease called Alopecia where you lose all of your hair? I’m really glad I don’t have that. Really glad.¬†

I’m going to keep this up, and will back to my cart-wheeling self in no time.

In the meantime, where’s my tail?


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Resolutions vs. Reality

After a long thread discussing our new years resolutions, we came to the conclusion that if past experiences have taught us anything, it is that these new year goals are wishful thinking¬†if¬†nothing else. At year’s end if we manage to meet our resolutions half way, we’re going to deem our efforts a success.

Bianca’s Resolution: Reduce unnecessary stress in my life.

Bianca’s Reality: Seeing as how in Seattle¬†I was convinced our¬†caucasian¬†cab driver was going to suicide bomb our taxi and that our flight home was doomed for a mid-air collision, my outlook for 2011 isn’t looking good. If I can manage to fall asleep without checking under my bed, I will have succeeded.

Bailey’s Resolution: Save money for an international trip

Bailey’s Reality: Not save any money and have my mom take me to Mexico. If I can save enough money to buy a round of drinks at the all-inclusive resort, I will have succeeded.

Bridget’s resolution:¬†Lose 10 lbs.

Bridget’s reality: I will lose 3 lbs this week and hover around my same weight for the rest of the year (like ever year before). Outlook for 2012… you get the idea. If I can manage to¬†stay below the weight I’m at now by years end, I will have succeeded.


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Which New Years Girl Are You?

The blog below is our very first post. We reposted it since it’s relevant to the new year, and also because we’re feeling nostalgic (aw)¬†as we approach¬†the year anniversary of GirlsWithPriusEnvy.com¬†Happy New Year!

Hello Bridget!

How was your new years? I’m so glad I was in California. Coatless.

I know I say this every single year, but can we acknowledge this as the most overrated holiday ever? Put it in to perspective… Are we ever disappointed frolicking the streets of New York on St. Patty’s day? No. Are we ever disappointed whilst riding beach cruisers on our Nation’s Independence Day? Hell no! Poolside on Labor Day? NO. Halloween? I think you know the answer to that.

The expectations are the problem. We expect the epic night of the year, but all we end up with are pictures on facebook of how hot we looked after getting ready for three hours and disappointment. This country is filled with diverse women from all walks of life, but no matter who or where you are on New Years, the night always plays out the same. Regardless of who you are, you are one of the following girls on this horribly overrated holiday:

Girl #1: The girl who conveniently ends up in the bathroom stall at 11:58 p.m. This girl has scanned the bar all night for Mr. 12:01, but has come up empty handed. This girl can be heard saying, “Omg you guys, can you believe I missed the countdown in the bathroom, I’m so bummed!” Except she’s NOT bummed. She’s¬†very happy¬†she made it in to a stall instead of being stuck behind lip-locked strangers.

Which brings me to Girl #2: The lip-locked stranger. This girl is on a mission. She hasn’t had a boyfriend for the last few New Years’ and she’s not about to ring in another year couped up in a bathroom stall. She’s been scanning the bar all night for the right guy, but at 11:50 she’s still standing with her posse. Alone. This girl waits until the last minute to see who hasn’t paired up, then grabs the nearest guy and shares a smooch at the last second. Saved by the bell… This romance doesn’t last through Auld Sang Lyne.

Girl #3: The “lets just be with our girls tonight” girl. This girl is out with her single friends and is not about to be alone when they find a guy. If she’s sans man tonight you better believe so are the rest of her friends. She rings in the New Year with her posse in a big group hug. She can be heard saying, “We dont need guys, all we need is eachother!” This is immediately followed by a quick chug of wine, a roll of the eyes, and resentment from everyone within earshot. (This category has a sub category in the event Girl #3 drinks far too much in which the group hug is replaced with a big dirty group kiss. This is almost always documented, made viral and regretted).

Girl #4: The hopeless romantic. This girl started her night as Girl #3, hoping to be Girl #2, but lucks out and meets “THE ONE”. Keep in mind that all women are especially vulnerable on this ridiculous holiday, so it doesn’t take much for a man to charm the pants off one of us (literally). This girl meets this guy when he buys her a drink. He listens to her, shares her passion for astrology and cats, and makes out with her in to the wee hours of the new year. This girl can be heard saying, “I can’t believe how lucky I am that I met this amazing guy, it’s like a fairy tale!” Days later she can be heard saying.. “What a jerk.”

Girl #5: The girl in the relationship: She kisses her mate. There really are no more details in this story unless this is their first new years together in which case it is the most romantic night of her life. Thus, she wins… second place. The First place trophy goes to the girl who made the best decision and stayed home with Carson Daly.

Which brings me to the final and winningest woman, Girl #6: The girl who stayed home. She knows that New Years is over rated and would rather save her time and money than be alone in a bathroom stall, or kissing a stranger, or kissing someone who could’ve been “the one” but was really a stranger, or getting too drunk and kissing her friends… Instead this smart well-adjusted cookie gave herself a facial, mani AND pedi, got 8 hours of sleep, and started her New Years exercise resolution at 9:00 a.m. January 1, instead of¬†two months later.

In conclusion, It is my vow to ring in 2011 in the comfort of my own home and slippers. Preston and I had a great night but I can’t tell you how much money I spent. Never again…

Love and Prius,



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Look hot in biker shorts and other incredibly important goals for 2011.

Goooooood morning, girlies!!

How’s your Tuesday going?! Mine ROCKS!! I’ve been up since 5:30, downed a whole carb-free ROCKSTAR and have already conferenced with two parents. Yup. It’s parent teacher conference time and my chemically induced energy is absolutely necessary for the next two days while I find out exactly why my students have the little quirks they do. But man-oh-man do I have some energy today! Yikes.

In preparation for parent teacher conferences (besides scaring the hell out of my students) we have been setting long and short term goals for ourselves. I made my kids come up with 10. And since I’m being a good sport and example, I decided I’d come up with 10, too.

Um… okay… 10 goals for the next year-ish… that can’t be that hard, can it? (It can.) Here’s what I came up with:

1: I will find and purchase the perfect piece of furniture to go behind my couch in the living room. (It’s harder than it sounds, trust.)

2: I will finish my $%@&$!! masters program (even if it kills me and my social life in the process).

3: I will start saving money (bwahahahahahahhaha!)

4: I will have more fun in 2011 than I did in 2010 (my hardest goal yet, 2010 has rocked, my friends) and will get a new stamp in my passport Рpreferably from India.

5: I will make more time to spend with my grandparents. (Love them, miss them, better take advantage of seeing them while I still can.)

6: I will make more of an effort to be gluten-free as recommended by my witch doctor. (Beer is just so tasty and the gluten-free beer tastes like licking a stamp.)

7: I will learn how to (really) ride a bike and compete in some sort of awesome race. (And look awesome in biker shorts. Which brings me to….)

8: I will get in awesome shape and feel comfortable strutting around in biker shorts. (And you better believe I will strut.)

9: I will print out pictures that are being held captive on my digital camera. (So many fun times – but where are they?!)

10: I will figure out what I want to be when I grow up (when this whole teaching thing gets too exhausting) that will still only require me to work 9 months of the year with 3 weeks off for Christmas.

WHEW! That was harder than I thought. 10 goals is A LOT! Are you guys the kind of people who always have a 10 year plan? What list of things do you really want to accomplish***? Or are you more the “fly by the seat of your panties” type girls? I used to be such a planner, but once I graduated college and got a job… what more is there? Obviously, A LOT!

Planning for future awesomeness,


***Bonus points if this involves breaking the law, spending time with your favorite person, Bridget, and/or inventing the best, calorie-free cocktail ever.


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