Three twenty something former sorority chicks attempt to save the world (starting with Salt Lake City) from conservatives, cars with high emissions and bad fashion while endlessly supporting the economy via Nordstrom.

These are their emails.

Note: All names have been changed to protect the very, very innocent writers.

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Moderated by Larry David, fellow Prius proprietor

Why Prius?

Bridget: Embarrassing, but true story. I traded my decked out brand new Jeep for a Prius to impress an ultra-liberal, vegetarian boyfriend. Girls do a lot of stupid things for their studs, but this one I don’t regret. I love my Prius – more than I love pretty much anything (besides Bianca and Bailey).

 Bianca: I drove a lemon of a Volkswagen and was in the market for a new car. After searching for a few weeks I got a call from my Dad on April 1 (yep, April fools day) and he said, “I’ve had girlfriends who were more dependable and less maintenance than your car. I just bought you a salsa red Prius.” I said, “Cool Dad, April Fools… except this time it’s not funny.” And he responded, “Nope, it’s for real. You need to take out a loan.” And it has been repair and stress free love ever since.

Bailey: After my adventures in New York, thinking about purchasing a car gave me hives.  I was very interested in a hybrid for the environmental reasons (hybrid cabs were always my fave) as well as low cost maintenance.  So upon moving home and doing my research Toyota happened to be having a stellar leasing special on a brand new Prius.  It has allowed me to continue my mantra of renting everything and not owning anything at this twenty-something point in my life.  Commitment issues? Never…

What was your first encounter with each other?

Bridget: I met Bianca when I was a little freshman rushing a sorority. I was bombarded by singing girls, curled hair and perfectly picked (and matching) outfits. I was passed from one girl to another and they all had wonderful, reharsed topics of conversation. And then I was passed to Bianca. She was introduced to me as the “Sweetheart of Sigma Phi,” she even flipped her hair as they said that and her eye literally twinkled. After the introduction, I expected some ditzy blonde empty headed bimbo, but Hell to the No! Bianca was HILARIOUS and totally got me laughing. And after all that you thought I was Mexican for two years. Idiot. I’m sure I met Bailey around the same time, but I can’t remember our first encounter, but I bet it went something like this: We were all getting dressed up for some AWESOME! theme party a fraternity was throwing. Bianca and Bailey’s house was ALWAYS the place to go to pre-game. I came over to your house, met you and we took a shot. Love at first sip.

Bianca: When I first met Bailey I thought, How did that bitch get here before me?! What infant me didn’t know was, that ugly baby is not only my cousin, but my lifetime best friend, college roommate all four years, and one talented writer. How I met Bridget is a different story… She joined the sorority a year after Bailey and I, and she was a preppy ass mf (not that I wasn’t), but she was wearing pearls, in an uber-serious relationship, and wrote for the school newspaper.  I thought she was Mexican. What college me didn’t know was, that preppy ass mf gets BAMF tattooed on her ass a few years later and becomes the best (not-related) friend I’ve ever had, and we travel the world together 5x over.

Bailey: About 24 years ago probably sometime around a holiday my cousin Jon came to visit the Grandparent’s house, but was joined by a weird looking creature who was later introduced to me as Bianca. I was a little scared and a little jealous. Why is everyone obsessed with this new baby, and what about me? After I got over my initial feelings and realized I would always be the first grand-daughter, we have been inseparable. Singing opera and playing dress-up later led to month long summer visits to flirt with each others guy friends. Who knows what the future holds.  Bridget on the other hand…hm…isn’t she one of those girls in the pledge class below? I thought I was super great and had seniority over the little ones, so I really only socialized with them after a few drinks in at some frat house when we decided to sing drinking songs. Bridget was one of the chosen who I warmed up to and all of the sudden – BAM –  she was in and the coolest girl around, at least younger girl around.

Why did you start this blog?

Bridget: What is this blog you speak of? I thought I was just emailing my friends…?

Bianca: Bridget and I were e-mailing witty banter back and forth as we usually do, and one day in particular we thought we were so funny that we wanted to share our e-mail (it was about Mariah Carey and Lindsay Lohan and not actually that funny) with the world. Facebook wouldn’t work since our friends, family and coworkers are usually the main topics of our e-mails, so we started an anonymous blog. Although anybody who reads this would easily know it was us. We rarely skip a detail.

Bailey: After moving home and purchasing my Prius, Bridget and Bianca unveiled their holy blog to me and invited me to join the cult. I gleefully accepted and have been here ever since. Even though I wasn’t here from the beginning, I like to tell myself it became better once I was a part.  Power in numbers!

Besides drinking, blogging and occasionally working, how do you spend your time?

Bridget: I currently spend my time skyping teammates for Grad School assignments, traveling anywhere any chance I get and trying to squeeze in any sort of social life. Lucky for me, I have the best friends and family in the whole world. Even though I can be an absentee friend, they’re sure to catch me up on all the good juice. Oh, I also make feeble attempts at running half marathons, mostly I just chase Bianca.

Bianca: When I’m not e-mailing B & B and finding ways to “work” from home, I can be found on Bridget, Preston or Bailey’s couch. I also have been known to travel more than the average bear (mostly home to sunny San Diego) and put on my running  (and dancin’) shoes from time to time.

Bailey: Lately you will find me hanging out with any one of my friends who doesn’t happen to be working that day, if I’m desperate it will be my mom.  (With my freelance PR work, my schedule is flexible.) I frequent gym classes, see movies, go to concerts and occasionally have a crazy night on the town. I feel like there is always a party to be planned, and I am here to help!

If you had to drive a car other than a Prius, what would you drive?

Bridget: I don’t understand the question. Why would I have to drive a car other than a Prius?

Bianca: This is the first time in my life I don’t have to have a special savings account for car repairs. I will always drive a Prius. (Although Porsche’s aren’t bad either, I’m just sayin’.)

Bailey: Um…ask me in three years when my lease is up.

Three words that describe Bianca:

Bridget: Pretty, priceless and pun-tastic.

Bianca: Most-funny, without-flaw and very-awesome. (See what I did there, got extra words in by adding the dash.)

Bailey: Loyal, witty and sunny (as in so happy she puts others in a good mood, like the sun.)

What is Bailey’s best quality?

Bridget: Bailey has a lot of great qualities, but her best is she is always there for my cellular needs. When I found out Hacking was a cheating bastard and couldn’t get ahold of Bianca, not only did she console me from across the country, but tracked down Bianca for me in the process. Her iPhin skills trump all others and she is the queen of Emoji.

Bianca: Bailey is everybody’s best friend, and her fun-ness is contagious. She is down to do whatever any time anywhere. Sometimes I’ll talk to Bailey before going to bed and she’ll say she’s staying in, then I’ll talk to her in the morning and she will have had the most epic night ever. She’s also a techno genius. Although I was mean to her about that once because I was jealous of her skills.

Bailey: Wow guys, really don’t flatter me. It’s not like I’m hacking into your boyfriends computers.

What’s your favorite thing about Bridget?

Bridget: Wait? Just one favorite thing about me? Hmm… My favorite thing about me is that I’m a pretty big asshole and I try not to pretend not to be. Everyone is fake on some level, I try to be as least fake as humanly possible. If I’m mad, I can’t be nice (this has gotten me in trouble with Bianca before). Along with that, I do possess the ability forgive and move on (eventually). Oh! And I try (and fail) to be as low drama as possible for a self admitted DramaWhore. So… that was like three things, but trust me, I narrowed down a way longer list.

Bianca: Bridget is the most loyal friend I’ve ever had. She has met my crazy family, heard my ugliest secrets and seen me at my worst and still loves me. She’s the only person I’ve ever met who doesn’t judge her friends and offers unconditional love. Unless, of course, you do something she doesn’t approve of. Then you’re out.

Bailey: Bridget is such a good go with the flow friend. She can have a good time where ever she is, make the best of any situation and nothing seems to dent her mood. When I am aggravated or get frustrated by something (probably Bianca), seeing Bridge all calm and collected, gracefully handling the situation makes me realize I need to calm the f down. Oh and she has awesome bear hair.