Plus none.

Dearest Bridget and Bianca,

Wow if email was the only way we kept in touch I wouldn’t even know you anymore. My apologies. I don’t even feel like I’m that busy but I guess between birthdays (mine), graduations, work, getting drunk, etc – I don’t know where the month of April and half of May went!

First and foremost, Bridget CONGRATS!!! I mean I couldn’t be happier for you and Algebra. It feels right – I mean really really right. Bianca, you aren’t allowed to get married/engaged in 2011 – ok? Thanks for understanding.

Well ladies while you have been in your committed relationships with mature men, I have been exploring Salt Lake City’s finest immature post-grads, 23 to 25. I get older, and it seems that the guys that I date don’t get any older, wiser, hotter but stay the same. I have been consistently disheartened by males in the past few months – whether it be puking in my room, saying ridiculous things that I just can’t handle or just deciding their presence is too much to handle. I am going on hiatus. Friday at the bar I was being stalked by (literally) an attractive, east coast preppy boy with a great job and loves sailing who then turned out to be ADHD, non-stop texting me, sitting on my lap and all over me at the bar last night, etc…I mean…dammit. I swear it’s like he had 2 beers and became a different person. I mean I’m an open minded person, I get drunk, like to have fun, etc but why can’t there be a balance here!? Deep down am I asking for this and bringing it upon myself in some way?

 No need for a +1 at any of the 5 weddings I have this summer (literally. 5.),



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4 responses to “Plus none.

  1. Ugghhh I am so over men. And no, I’m not going lezzie.


  2. Urgh. I feel like the men you’ve been finding (you know who I’m talking about) are puppies. So cute and so fun and you just want to squeeze their little… cheeks, but so much work and ultimately not worth it until they’re housebroken and grown up.

    Where’s the humane society for men? I hear that’s where people get dogs who’ve already been housebroken…


  3. 5 weddings? Geez! At least your age range starts at 23. For awhile, every guy that hit on me was 22. It was awful.

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