Bianca and Bailey,

Sorry it’s been so long without an email, I don’t feel too badly though, because I haven’t heard from your girlies either! Well, via email, I’ve seen lots of you in real life (imagine that) and we’ve spoken lots via all forms of iPhone communication.

So. I don’t know how to start on this because I’m not usually one for sappy lovey doveyness, but ladies, I’M ENGAGED! Algebra popped the question over Spring Break (yep, I love my job, I have a spring break and am getting dangerously near to a big summer break).

We’ve tentatively set a date for December 29th of this year which means I am currently under 8 months away from THE DAY. I’m doing my best to not become one of those girls where they get engaged and then the wedding planning consumes all forms of life and it’s all they talk about (but I realize I’m already failing). I’ve tried to set a few rules for myself.

1- Stop staring at my engagement ring when other people can see me. (I NEVER wear finger jewelry at all and this damn thing is pretty shiny. It’s a hazard while driving.)
2-Do NOT bring up wedding plans (unless there is a DIRE emergency and opinions are needed) unless someone else brings it up first.
3-Never say the word fiancé. Sorry girls, Algebra is still my boyfriend and he will be until he’s my husband. Fiancé sounds stupid coming out of my mouth (unless I’m in Vegas pretending to be French).

With under 8 months to go, it’s likely that I’ll be breaking my rule #2 (like I am right now) on a fairly consistent basis. Le sigh.

Wedding planning emergency #1: WHERE THE HELL DO I START? Any guidance anyone can give me in this region will be gratefully accepted. Bianca, thanks so much for signing up for all the wedding newsletters for me.

Since I am a self proclaimed nerd, the first thing I did was claim the URL and start a wedding website (just for the basic information and so I don’t have to take any paper RSVP’s, I mean, I drive a Prius, my wedding will have as little impact on the environment as possible). Sure, I don’t have any information to put up on the website, but it exists and I’ve done something for the wedding and that’s all that matters to me. Any progress counts, right?

Note: While I’m engaged and even after the wedding I still plan on having girl’s night more than once a week and going out just like we do now. If I stop getting invited to the bar or themed house parties, I will give new meaning to bridezilla. Got it, betches?

Trying to dodge the sappy and refusing to even look at wedding dresses until I drop 10 pounds,

PS-When do I need to order one of those dresses by, anyway? Eph.


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11 responses to “Bridget+Algebra=Engaged

  1. eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh christ.


  2. Ok, well I am going to ask so you can talk about it…. how did he propose?!!! Even though you are going to become a married, I am still happy for you! Congrats!!

    • Thanks, G. We were going out for our anniversary and he gave me some beautiful roses and an Easter basket on the way out the door. He told me to open one of the eggs in the Easter basket, inside was candy… and a box. I didn’t think anything of the box because I had just broken some earrings he gave me for Christmas and the box looked the same. So I whipped open the box like it was nothing… and… there was a diamond ring inside. My response, “Are you serious?” And then he got down on one knee….

  3. justmarriedgirl

    I’m so late on this, but congratulations!! Very exciting!!!! I was engaged at the end of December and married by the end of July. It’s totally doable. Start w the venue and the dress (most important), then photographer, music and flowers. Everything else will fall into place. Looking back, the months leading up to the wedding were really all so exciting and happy, so enjoy it! If you want any advice from a neurotic, let me know!

    • Thank you so much!

      HA. I will certainly need your advice. I have the venue (YAY), but am refusing to look at a dress until I drop 8 more pounds… So whenever that happens, I’ll get on that whole dress thing.

      Point me toward the courthouse?

      • justmarriedgirl

        Oh don’t wait! It takes a while to order the thing, and no doubt when you call, they’ll act like eight months is cutting it very close. You’ll get the, “Hm. [Suck in breath. Sigh.] We might have to put a rush on it, but we’ll try to get it on time.” Of course, they will definitely have it for you, but there has to be a certain amount of theatrics. I don’t know why.

        Anyway, I was nowhere near my goal weight when I tried on my dress, but I worked out and dieted like crazypants to get there in time for my
        first fitting. Be sure to take a picture of yourself in it once you say yes. You will have moments of doubt, and you’ll be so glad to have the reminder that yes, you picked the right one.

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