Dirty Rotten Bloggers

Hi there Bianca and Bailey! It was so fun playing with you guys at Bianca’s housewarming! Your new place is decorated so cute! I love the vibe there! And damn, our Asian friend sure has mastered the art of cooking Mexican food. Those enchiladas were to die for. I hear the margs were pretty delicious, too, but since it’s still lent and I’m still abstaining from liquor, I didn’t get to partake.

I did, however, manage to get beer drunk (which is a feat in itself, usually full comes way first). The wonderful thing about beer drunk is that when done properly (by sandwiching the beer between, well, sandwiches (or other food products)) there is no hangover to speak of! Wahoo! This meant I was able to get up remarkably early on a Saturday morning and hit up my new gym, DASH! Bianca – thank you so much for making me join, I’m truly in lust with this gym! Bailey, are you going to join?! It was so fun when the three of us went and zumba-ed together.

So. This morning I was watching Good Morning America while I was getting ready (read: sitting on my bed in my undies deciding if I could muster up the energy to blow dry my hair or if I was just going to go with the curly au naturale option). **

This morning they were talking to the girl at the center of the Brett Favre texting controversy, Jenn Sterger. First of all, her boobs are fantastic. I’m guessing they are fake, but fake or real, I want whatever bra she’s wearing in the interview. Go you, Jenn.

Secondly, did you know how this all broke out?! Nope, she did get paid to spill the beans. No, she still hasn’t made a nickel off any of this. It all got out because she told her “friend” who happened to have a blog that Brett Favre used to text her inappropriate things back when she worked at her last job (for the New York Jets). Whoa! I’d be pissed.

Her “friend” somehow got the texts and voicemails and pictures (ew), too. But she’s not sure how. (That part seems a little fishy to me, but whatever). This poor lady with great boobs hasn’t made any money off of ruining Brett Favre’s career. Oh wait, he did that all on his own by coming out of retirement seven times.

She said the only people she’d want to apologize to in all of this are her parents. Yeah, yikes. Apologize to them and thank you plastic surgeon, and move on, honey! You have big things ahead of you (no, I’m not talking about her fabulous, perky breasts), she’s super pretty and she looks smart. 🙂

I guess I’m obsessing over someone else’s story because I’m so stressed out about my own life. I have a final paper almost due, finals week fast approaching, received a death threat at work this week and oh yeah, that pesky little 200 mile race we’re running in Southern California this weekend. Meh. NBD. I got this.

Bianca, see you in LA! 🙂 Bailey, see you… soon? 😦

Boobs, tatas, bazookas,

**I’ve recently switched from the Today Sow to Good Morning America and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I mean, I LOVE MATT LAUER, like love, but I hate that broad they replaced Katie Couric with. Yes, it’s been years and I still can’t call her by name. Whatever.



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2 responses to “Dirty Rotten Bloggers

  1. OMG I am so anti-Good Morning America. I am obsessed with TODAY.

    No one does an interview like Lauer.

    How can you not like Meredith??



  2. I nearly had a heart attack after reading your first paragraph about abstaining from liquor, thank god you can still drink beer. You poor little thing, I hope you had a nice hearty helping of booze last night.

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