Y2K Party?! Too soon?

Hello Bianca and Bridget! It seems we have all been a little all over the place lately. Can we please just regroup and communicate like in the old days? Daily emails, weekday dinners & weekend binge drinking?

Anyways so last weekend my friend threw herself a birthday theme party. Why are parties seriously 10x more fun when everyone is dressed up like an idiot? After mucho deliberation she decided to do 80’s/early 90’s party. I thought 80’s boring…how many times have I thrown on a pair of neon spandex, sweat band and windbreaker? I figured I would go 90’s…it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that the 90’s existed, but then I came back down to reality and realized it was 20 years ago. I started Googling “90’s outfits” and the rest is history. I mean the pants, hair, socks, shoes, accessories…all of it was horrible. I went with a nice pair of patterned pants (baggy and up to my belly button) paired with a tucked in red tank top (horrible thick material), oxford shoes, rolled down socks and to top it off these….What are those called? Debates were going on if I was Elton John or Whoopie Goldberg. I mean either way I was obviously looking like a big-homo.

This got me thinking that I wanted to through a Y2K party. I mean it was 10 years ago, which technically makes it vintage.  I mean what fashion do we look back on and just want to cringe. Top ones for me are:

EW. Uggs should not be worn fashionably with shorts/skirts. I may be a victim with workout clothes but I am NOT trying to be fashionable. Sad part is this is still going on in places over the world.




Aston Kutcher I blame you.        


Thank GOD I made it through college trips to Vegas without ending up with one of these…


Juicy Couture = hottest thing to wear to class 

I mean I remember this catalogue. I was in love with their distressed jeans and the buff ab-tastic dudes.






All in all I think the Y2K brought out the trashiest in people and we need to celebrate that!

Off to get my glittered acrylics filled,





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3 responses to “Y2K Party?! Too soon?

  1. “Why are parties seriously 10x more fun when everyone is dressed up like an idiot?” So true, so true.

  2. Umm call me old school, but velour track suits will ALWAYS be in style in my house.

    And Crombie guys? Well they’re still welcome to rip that suit right off me.


  3. justmarriedgirl

    I rocked a serious amount of baggy corduroys and flannel in the early nineties. Shudder. At least it was so much cheaper to dress myself in those days.

    It feels like Y2K was just yesterday. Oh, I’m old.

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