Damn you, Cancellation Bear

Goooooooood morning, Ladies!
It is such an incredible day here in the SLC. That intuitive little groundhog was right, Spring came early this year! I’m going to ski in my bikini tomorrow. (Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be sweet?!)
With warmer weather, however, comes sh*t TV. Sweeps are over and this is the second week in a row that ALL of my shows have been re-runs. It’s a bad system if you ask me. Post sweeps we start to devote our time to crap shows that are still airing new episodes while the good shows fall by the wayside. Like Outsourced, for example. In my opinion a very funny show, but without more episodes I’m pretty sure the Cancellation Bear will have this Indian call center on his death list.  (Browse this website, it’s awesome.) 

Fox’s new awesome show Traffic Light and NBC’s LOST-esque The Event are also unfortunatly salmon swimming upstream.
The Nielsen rating system blows my mind. It pretty much goes like this:
SportsCenter: 500 Billion Trillion viewers nightly.
American Idol: 250 ridicusillion viewers nightly.
Everything else: 1 million viewers nightly.
It’s amazing any show stays on the air, for serious. 30 Rock has barely any viewers but manages to get renewed season after season (thank GOD) in a theory they call the Arrested Development affect. Which basically means cancelling a show with a cult following is a death wish (thank GOB).
Why the TV topic you ask? I’m working from home watching the 3rd episode in a row of What Not To Wear and I’m starting to get frustrated about the content we have to choose from on TV these days. You would think with 1,000 channels I would find something, but the runner-up this afternoon is “Justin Bieber uses Proactiv”. I’m going to stick with TLC. Although if I see that Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA commercial one more time I’m going to hurt an animal out of spite (not really, but this commercial is not even OK).
Ooh Toddlers and Tiara’s is on! Gotta Go!

Note: By way of miracle this show is not being cancelled. Fun fact: TLC does not cancel shows, especially if they involve little people or debilitating social anxiety.

I put the boob in boob tube,



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4 responses to “Damn you, Cancellation Bear

  1. justmarriedgirl

    As TV addict, I could not agree more. I found myself enraged early this week when I discovered that Lifetime is no longer running re-runs of Frasier between 9-10 am (when I am getting ready for work). Okay, so I’ve seen every episode 1 million times, but I don’t like it when they change the game mid-semester. I have my routine, and I like it.

    But seriously, all the creative, interesting shows I start getting into get cancelled, and all the lamersons get picked up season after pathetic, boring season.

    And re-runs. RE-RUNS!!! They were fine pre-DVR, but now, they just make me mad.

    Sigh. I really do need some kind of 12 step program.

    • You love Frasier like I love Seinfeld. It doesn’t matter that I can quote every line from every episode, I NEED it. I really am addicted.

      After meeting Camille (I use the word meeting loosely, as in I watch her show therefore I know her) on RHo’BH Kelsey Grammar’s behavior makes so much more sense now. How could anyone ever live with that woman. Also, Niles was gay, right?


  2. Bikinis, boobs and tv… Plus i learned a new word (ridiculousilion!). Ah, so many reasons to keep coming back to this blog.

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