Media Sheentervention

Hello my lovely ladies and happy Wednesday! Hope you are staying warm after the massive snow dump a few days ago. I know I almost had retired my winter jackets and Uggs, good thing I didn’t because I would have been hauling them right back out.

So last night as I was sitting over at Bianca’s having my casual third margarita I got a text from my brother…. “I think Charlie is pulling a fast one on all of us.” I read it and my blood pressure rose, who is Charlie? A distant uncle? My dad’s accountant? Well turns out he was referring to Charlie Sheen and immediately I digressed back to my pre-text tequila drunk state at the first sight of reading the “S” in Sheen. It got me thinking though, is it? I mean he’s clearly out of his mind to some point, but is he egging on the media by saying these ridiculous things? I mean was it worth it to him to get fired from his sitcom, where he was the highest paid actor on television making a depressing 1.25 million per episode? That’s why I just think, no it wasn’t publicity stunt (pre him having a job) but now that he has nothing to lose. Yes, yes it is.

Case and point, he is hiring a social media intern, another story to stay in the headlines different angle – WAH-WAH (insert Debbie Downer). He is entertaining anyone who is communicating with him…what I would give to have his number. He is tweeting, talking to all and every type of media, addressing every Two and a Half Men rumor (i.e. Rob Lowe). The one Sheen news topic today I am a fan of is the unfollow Friday campaign and how to get him off the web (via CNN). Almost worst of all is the fact that I am here emailing you guys about it and know all of this is going on. Damn media. Won’t the media universe just ban him like E! did to Speidi?

But really, everyone knows no one who goes in this deep comes out on top. Brit Brit is still recovering from her breakdown from 2007. Whitney Houston? Nope. Lindsey? Never. Me, Bailey? Well that’s a special circumstance…only kidding. The only intervention I may need is from the gossip blogs, and the weeklies.

Renewing my In Touch subscription,




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3 responses to “Media Sheentervention

  1. i actually applied for the job of his intern, more to see what would happen next than anything else. If he is pulling a fast one (like Joaquim Phoenix tried to pull off) he’s certainly doing an excellent job. Maybe even too good ’cause, like you said, he’s gone past coming back.

  2. I honestly don’t think this dude is smart enough for this bout of crazy to be a publicity stunt. He’s just insane.

    As for his new intern, may God be with that fool. The job isn’t paid. And you couldn’t pay me all the money in this world to deal with that load of bullshit—the press, the stupid sayings, the drugs, the kids, the goddesses…fuck that.


  3. justmarriedgirl

    Mike thinks it is a stunt, but I do not. He just doesn’t strike me as the sort who would make that kind of commitment to character. I don’t know. I really don’t like watching people totally lose their stuff (especially when it ignites such a media storm). He seems to be having some kind of manic episode that is feeding on all the attention. It’s gross and just too sad.

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