A Little Prius AND Vodka Update

Bianca & Bridget,

How are you both? I have had a very productive morning, you both would be proud.  Gym, g-store and filed my taxes before noon! I was a little disappointed I didn’t get my hybrid tax return for my new purchase. I mean I never really paid attention to how those refunds work (and to be honest never thought I would be eligible), but dude, people get thousands of dollars back!  I think the refund “phased out” a few years ago, but were either of you so lucky to get this money back?

Nonetheless, after borrowing my mom’s Suburban and spending $50+ on one tank of gas, I’m high on Prius right now.

Although I was a little disappointed I couldn’t fund my summer Euro trip via tax return I did hear that Prius’ are still going strong, ranked 4th greenest car. 1-3 are definitely not as cute if that means anything, which it does in my mind. So… PRIUS IS STILL NUMERO UNO!

I also read that a Prius with over 200,000 miles and older than 10 years was tested and kicked major ass. When I was car shopping with my dad, he didn’t think the car would make it up to ski resorts and that I would have to replace the battery constantly. Well not only was Dad wrong, but if I do decide to purchase the Prius after my lease is up, I’ll be in good hands for at least 10 years.  

On a totally non-Prius related note, and the two DO NOT go hand in hand (don’t drink and drive, kids), I discovered Sky Vodka’s new “infused” line. Not to be confused with that gross, sugary flavored Pinnacle brand. So far I have only tried ginger because I can’t get away from it. It is seriously crisp and delicious. Add club soda + lime = delicious gingery, fizzie drink! I am just dreaming about what I am going to make when I get off at 9pm.

Well team, just a little Prius pep talk if you were feeling down on your automobile and a little vodka never hurt anyone (a little – a lot of vodka does hurt).

Hoping you NEVER combine the two topics of this post,



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4 responses to “A Little Prius AND Vodka Update

  1. G-store? Is that where you buy G-Strings?

    The vodka sounds nummy–enjoy!

  2. I’ve never been a fan of skyy vodka. Smells like hairspray.


  3. I drank a minimum of a fifth of vodka a day for 35 years. Multiply $12 a day x 365 days x 35 years and you get….well it is a lot. Clean and sober 9 years Mar 2. I coulda bought a planet or something.

  4. Audrey

    i love things that are ginger flavored. and cars that are priuses!

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