Simple Math to a Beach Body

Happy Tuesday B&B,

How’s your second day of the work week? You’ll be happy to know that I survived Valentine’s day. Algebra bought me a new, beautiful watch and found my favorite wine that I didn’t think existed anymore. His gift was pictures of what I ordered off Amazon for him 5 minutes before since I was boycotting the holiday, but then accepted the fact that I must participate.

Anything eventful happen to you ladies last night or did you just go about your usual Valentine’s routine?

Anyway. I’ve decided to stop eating carbs (again). Not only will it include all the gluten I shouldn’t be eating anyway (a gluten intolerant diagnosis just doesn’t seem scary enough for me to avoid the stuff), but I will help me drop a few lbs. I’m feeling the summer swimsuit pressure already, ladies! And guess what? I couldn’t be happier about it. The sun is shining, the air is getting warm and minus that little snow storm we’ll certainly have the the end of the week… I’m ready to throw on my bikini (I am, my body; however, is not – thus the carb ban).

I’ve also subtracted pilates (scheduling constraints) and added yoga and kalari. Team! Have you heard of kalari? OMG. It’s AHHHHmazing. Officially, it’s Indian martial arts (I think). Unofficially, it’s superhero training/gymnastics for grown-ups. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I attended my first class last Thursday and I’m still sore. Plus, my cheerleading background actually came in handy (first time since trying to date studly seniors in high school) when I could do a hand stand AND a backbend.

So, if I’ve done the math right (I’ll check with Algebra later):
(Bridget – carbs) + sunshine – pilates + (yoga x kalari) = Super hot bod in time but preferably before summer!

I can't wait to look like this in a few weeks! No?

Right? I’ll let you know how this goes (especially because I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been actively trying to lose weight).

In totally awesome and important news, ALGEBRA’S BAND IS A CITY WEEKLY MUSIC AWARDS FINALIST! So awesome! There’s three bands, King Niko and two other bands that I’ve never heard of and the winner gets 2K and all the glory. Super neat-o. Bianca suggested we glam it up and head to the concert this Saturday and I couldn’t agree more. Bailey, you in? It’s at the Vertigo Room of The Complex (some new venue in downtown SLC) on Saturday night. Woot, woot!

Thinking skinny, carb deprived and not at all angry about it,

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11 responses to “Simple Math to a Beach Body

  1. As for the diet, I’m waiting for some before and after boloni picks because that’s the way I roll. And speaking of “roll,” are we really all that surprised a boyfriend you choose would rock? No, I think not.

    Have fun at the concert ladies!

    • I’m a little uncomfortable that you decided to use the word “roll” in a sentence about my diet. Now Al, I may want to lose a few pounds, but no rolls here… OK?!


      And yes, my nerdy boyfriend is a rock star. We’ve just decided that he’s cooler than Bianca and I together (Bailey has some cool cred left over from her days as Diddy’s assistant.).


  2. You have just inspired me to ban carbs as well because I want to look like the picture for the first time ever in my life. Secondly, I’m looking up this new form of exercising, it sounds neat/not boring like running. Last, let me know if it works, typing this is as close as I’ll probably ever get to banning carbs and exercising.

  3. I’ve never heard of kalari. Sounds interesting! I can’t do a handstand. Should I stay away?

    • No way! My background in handstand contests was a bonus, you should still definitely try it.

      Warning: You will be sore for at least a week, but you won’t be able to stop talking about it. Especially if you have a super hot Russion instructor like I did! 🙂 I can’t wait to do it again on Thursday!


  4. Hmm I’m feeling the swimsuit pressure too…idk if I can ban carbs though. I’m trying to eat more veggies. I’m considering the raw thing.



    • Omg Lucky. I did the raw thing in 2008. Yes, dropped some serious pounds, but more, I was TOTALLY miserable and a hateful betch for those two weeks. Surprising I still have the same friends….

      Best of luck if you try that option! So far, the carb embargo is going well! (Even though it snowed like a million inches last night, my car door was frozen shut and I can only see bulky sweaters in my future.)


  5. justmarriedgirl

    I can’t wait until I can work out again! (Of course, ask me how super excited I am to spend an hour a day working out, or trying to fit in a work-out, in about 6 months.) I was a total goob before my wedding and did P90x. It was hard, but it worked. I am def. going to try kalari post-baby, so thanks for the tip!

    Good luck going carb free. I couldn’t do it without turning into a raging psychopath.

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