Will. Strangle. Cupid.

Bailey and Bianca,

How are my two favorite people to email in the whole world? Sorry I’ve been MIA all day. From having my principals and parents in my room to my most ADHD student forgetting to take his meds, it has proved to be an absolutely crazy day (and from what I hear from you two, you’ve had crazy days, too. Maybe it’s something in the UBBER COLD air).

First of all:
Bailey – congrats again on your new job! I’ve recently spoken with your boss (being that she’s my favorite aunt) and she can’t stop raving about you. I still can’t believe you didn’t tell me about your interview ahead of time. 🙂
Bianca – thank you for our sappy/silly text conversation. It made my Sunday.

Moving on, how’s your Tuesday and first day of February going, gals? It may be freaking freezing (so cold my student’s haven’t been allowed out to recess), but it’s clear outside and I can see the sun AND the mountains! Ah-mazing!

Being that it’s February, Valentine’s Day is all my students can think about! It’s two weeks away and they’re already hyper because of all the chocolate they will consume and pokemon cards they will receive. And now – it’s all I can think about. What should I get Algebra? What is he going to get me? Where are we going to celebrate? When are we going to celebrate? BLAH!

Do you think Algebra will mind if we just skip Valentine’s this year? (My intuition thinks he’ll be relieved and super stoked on the idea.) I’m just too stressed out to even think about it, will have to celebrate with twenty-four students and at the end of the day – I DO NO CARE. I don’t care if he gets me roses, I don’t care if we exchange sappy cards and I really don’t care if we even go out to dinner that night. Our relationship is fine, thank you very much and I don’t need some sappy, mid-month holiday to spice anything up.

Did I mention Valentine’s is on a Monday this year? A Monday. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?! (Nothing is the correct answer here.)

Nope, not even you, Algebra.

Gals, I’m so stressed out I don’t know what to do. I feel like I haven’t been able to relax since spring semester started. I constantly have a minimum of five things on my mind, am on the verge of an anxiety attack and then forget what the hell I was worried about in the first place (I was glad to hear you two experience the same phenomenon). I think it’s stress amnesia – you stress out so much your brain blows a fuse and forces you to forget whatever it was you were worrying so much about. The roomie and I had a talk last night and I think my stress level is kind of turning me in to a hateful bitch in survival mode. Oops. Sorry if I’ve been evil lately. I’ll be back to normal when I graduate in May 2012.

This whole new level of stress that I’m functioning on is “forcing” me into taking a mental health day on Thursday (thanks for the idea, Bianca). I think I’m going to book a hotel room up in Park City and surprise Algebra with it as a preemptive Valentine’s Day strike. But – I’m having a hard time finding a pet friendly (not leaving Weiner with a “stranger” just quite yet) hotel that would be worth stay at. Any recommendations?

I guess I better get back to work diverting my students attention from Valentine’s Day for the next two weeks.

Cupid, who?


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12 responses to “Will. Strangle. Cupid.

  1. “Kids not taking their meds” Lord what a nightmare. They are quite monstrous and several times I was almost fired for the way I mishandled certain situations. They don’t tell you about “watch that one” stuff for some privacy issue. And if you are not trained to recognize this you would naturally think they are just another normal ax murdering, girl molesting, dope peddling 11th grader, instead of an abnormal out of control ax murdering, girl molesting, dope peddling 11th grader.

  2. justmarriedgirl

    I told my Creative Writing class that we’d discuss “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” on VD, and they moaned. If I wasn’t knocked up, I think they would’ve thrown things, too. That’s what happens when you get a bunch of cynical twenty-somethings in the room, I guess.

    Why don’t you just agree to go small with Algebra? You might regret skipping the whole thing. I probably mentioned this in one of my posts, but a couple of years ago, Mike got me a card that was meant for “A Very Special Man”. Guess who went shopping at the last minute and isn’t much of a critical reader? But, I was still (sort of) glad that he remembered. There were also flowers, so that made things better.

    I think VD is kind of really dumb, but I do like going out to dinner and getting a card (gender appropriate). If there’s that much, well, it’s a good year.

    Enjoy your mental health day!

    • Is it a coincidence that Valentine’s Day’s initials are VD because I saw VD and went a completely different way with your comment… 😉

      You’re right and if Algebra doesn’t do anything special and sickeningly adorable for me on “VD” I will probably freak out… 🙂 You just can’t win with me.

      Thanks – now I just have to make it to my mental health day…


  3. Ahhh.. kids! I plan to use the children I nanny for to distract myself from this whole valentine’s day thing. I’ll make them cute cards and give them candy, and it will be just as great as an elaborate date with a romantic partner…. I’m hoping. Stress- how to manage it? I wish I could give advice but I have no idea. Your holiday should help!

    • Bwahaha! I love it. I used to be all cutesy and awesome with my student’s for Valentine’s day. Now, they’re lucky if they get a card with my name stamped on the back. I feel like I’m the grinch of Valentine’s Day this year! Urgh! What’s my problem?!

      The mental health day will certainly help. 🙂 Thanks for reading, Audrey!! I’m loving reading your blog!! I like your short but snappy style.


  4. Let me know what you and Algebra do for V-day. Kiefer and I decided no presents this year, but we are going to try to go somewhere the weekend before or after and spend the night. Where? No clue.

  5. I always play the Grinch, and give my kids the lecture about mass consumerism telling us when to do nice things and when not to. “Seriously, girls,” I say, “Wouldn’t it mean more to get a gift or a card on some random Tuesday in October because it would be a complete and utter surprise?” Most of them, because they’re 13 and 14, think I’m an idiot. But there’s always one or two cool, artsy, alternative girls who agree, and a handful of black-clad boys who are glad to have someone to relate to.

    • Ha! I love it. I wish I could do that with fourth graders, but I’m afraid some parents would go crazy if I didn’t let them celebrate! I think Valentine’s is kinda gross with fourth graders. They get into all this boyfriend/girlfriend, kissing, yuckness and I can’t stand it! Ew.

      Sigh. In one week, it’ll be over (at least for this year).


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