Wanting kids, not students… they’re totally different.

Dearest Bailey and Bianca,

Greetings from a mess in my classroom. My students got new computers last week and as a “team building” experience I had them pack up the old ones, unbox the new ones and setup their new work stations (read: eye still twitching). Turns out 10-year-olds + new expensive computer equipment = stressed the eff out. On top of that the semester just started and I ever so brilliantly (NOT) decided this would be the perfect time to re-organize my classroom and move my teacher’s desk.

I can’t find anything. I had to be observed today on my student’s “organizational skills.” HA! Luckily for me, they actually picked students that had it together because at the moment, their teacher did not!

So ever since Algebra and I got our little puppy (still sucking my time, energy and sleep even after 3 weeks) I can’t help thinking about if we had an actual child (instead of the dog variety). I mean, Algebra is nearing 30, we both have awesome (?) careers as teachers that provide ample time off (I did the math, I work less that half the 365 days in a year) and we’re handling the dog child so well.

I mean, we have the dog routine down. Why couldn’t we handle a real baby? (Yes, I’m ignoring the hours of 8 to 3 when little Wiener is in his kennel, but whatever.)

In case you’re wondering if I am ignoring some vital steps in the “normal” process by which relationships happen (dating, ENGAGEMENT, MARRIAGE, then children) you’re exactly right. I’m ignoring it. I don’t know that I want that whole marriage thing right now in my life. So, babies are the next step in my mind.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but really, having a baby is starting to sound logical. I’m not sure if I’ve just talked my self into it or if my biological clock is coercing me into feeling this way – but dude, I’m totally serious. I’m wondering if you two need to set up some kind of “friendtervention” for me or something.

Don’t worry too much – I have a semi-permanent form of birth control firmly in place until January 2012 and I’m not completely (baby) crazy – I still want to finish grad school first. Just saying. It’s all I can think about (Hey! Maybe that’s what is causing my twitching eye and not my students. Maybe.)

Also, Bianca, it doesn’t help that I heard YOU (formerly scared sh*tless of the idea of having kids) say, “I could date someone who didn’t want to get married, but I definitely couldn’t date someone who didn’t want kids.”

Wondering if my delusions are caused from puppy sleep torture,



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6 responses to “Wanting kids, not students… they’re totally different.

  1. Who are you and what have you done with my best friend BAMF?

    You’re twenty middle, not thirty middle. You don’t need to be worrying about babies today. You need to be worrying about how we’re going to fund our next international trip and which martini recipe tastes best.

    And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but puppies and babies are just a little bit (just a tad) different. For example: You can’t leave your kid in a kennel.

    With that said, should you conceive, you have my full support. (Although I’m really hoping this is just a side effect of that new flu.)

    – Bianca

  2. A few years back my tenth grade neighbor was failing most subjects because his only interest was computers. He was able to hack into the Miami Dade Public Schools (4th largest in nation) computer network and alter his grades with no apparent trail. The only reason he got caught was that his mother noticed that the printout paper was different from his older report cards and that of her younger son. Finally he entire plot was unveiled. He never finished high school but a major firm now pays him in the mid six figure range for salary and he lives rent free in a huge four bedroom house. It cost the school system bazillions of dollars to refit the system . Soe of these kids can bring the whole planet to a standstill.

  3. Uhh, I will be happy to conduct this friendervention right now. WTF!!!! No you should most definitely NOT be having or even thinking about having babies right now! That thing will ruin your life.

    Stick with the dog.


    • Bwahahaha! I was waiting for that response from you, Lucky!

      Bianca even warned me… “You sure you want to post this? Lucky’s going to give it to you!”

      He he he!

      • Hahaha!

        OMG I had no idea I could initiate successful scare tactics through blogging. How awesome!!

        Here’s my thing with babies (one of many things). When someone is all, “I’M PREGNANT!!!” everyone is really excited and happy. Then, as the months go by, these lil bits of truth start sprouting up, “oh, you’ll never sleep,” “what if you can’t get rid of the baby weight,” “Childcare is a bitch,” etc.

        While none of these things are deal breakers, I think they deserve consideration. Take the BC!


  4. justmarriedgirl

    I was so the opposite. I was pretty sure wanted the marriage thing, but wasn’t too sure about the baby thing. So, I had to get over the commitment-phobe thing, and then I jumped right in. I’m a big supporter of waiting until you’re older to get started w the husband and kids, but that’s because I waited until I was old!

    Bottom line: kids seem hard. My baby should be here in a little over four months, and I am overwhelmed! Do it when you’re ready, and don’t look back. Do I wish sometimes that I was having my first baby at a slightly younger, more energetic age? Sure. But it just didn’t happen that way. You’ll know when to jump in.

    Enjoy that little puppy!!

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