Resolutions vs. Reality

After a long thread discussing our new years resolutions, we came to the conclusion that if past experiences have taught us anything, it is that these new year goals are wishful thinking if nothing else. At year’s end if we manage to meet our resolutions half way, we’re going to deem our efforts a success.

Bianca’s Resolution: Reduce unnecessary stress in my life.

Bianca’s Reality: Seeing as how in Seattle I was convinced our caucasian cab driver was going to suicide bomb our taxi and that our flight home was doomed for a mid-air collision, my outlook for 2011 isn’t looking good. If I can manage to fall asleep without checking under my bed, I will have succeeded.

Bailey’s Resolution: Save money for an international trip

Bailey’s Reality: Not save any money and have my mom take me to Mexico. If I can save enough money to buy a round of drinks at the all-inclusive resort, I will have succeeded.

Bridget’s resolution: Lose 10 lbs.

Bridget’s reality: I will lose 3 lbs this week and hover around my same weight for the rest of the year (like ever year before). Outlook for 2012… you get the idea. If I can manage to stay below the weight I’m at now by years end, I will have succeeded.



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5 responses to “Resolutions vs. Reality

  1. Bailey, don’t go to Mexico. They are averaging 1,000 deaths a year and Drug Lords control 20% land area of country and have just about immobilized the government. If you want to learn Spanish. visit Miami, Or Haitian Creole. or Canadian French. Ghetto talk too. When addressed by a cop all you need to know how to say is “Ye, sir. Please don’t shoot me, sir.” Hmmm. Maybe stay home and read National Geographic or Travel Channel.

  2. I’m not big on resolutions…I say, just drink more 🙂


  3. Ohh you girls are amazing! Such great resolutions/realities.

  4. Al’s Resolution: No Hangovers.

    Al’s Reality: No puking hangovers.

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