Which New Years Girl Are You?

The blog below is our very first post. We reposted it since it’s relevant to the new year, and also because we’re feeling nostalgic (aw) as we approach the year anniversary of GirlsWithPriusEnvy.com Happy New Year!

Hello Bridget!

How was your new years? I’m so glad I was in California. Coatless.

I know I say this every single year, but can we acknowledge this as the most overrated holiday ever? Put it in to perspective… Are we ever disappointed frolicking the streets of New York on St. Patty’s day? No. Are we ever disappointed whilst riding beach cruisers on our Nation’s Independence Day? Hell no! Poolside on Labor Day? NO. Halloween? I think you know the answer to that.

The expectations are the problem. We expect the epic night of the year, but all we end up with are pictures on facebook of how hot we looked after getting ready for three hours and disappointment. This country is filled with diverse women from all walks of life, but no matter who or where you are on New Years, the night always plays out the same. Regardless of who you are, you are one of the following girls on this horribly overrated holiday:

Girl #1: The girl who conveniently ends up in the bathroom stall at 11:58 p.m. This girl has scanned the bar all night for Mr. 12:01, but has come up empty handed. This girl can be heard saying, “Omg you guys, can you believe I missed the countdown in the bathroom, I’m so bummed!” Except she’s NOT bummed. She’s very happy she made it in to a stall instead of being stuck behind lip-locked strangers.

Which brings me to Girl #2: The lip-locked stranger. This girl is on a mission. She hasn’t had a boyfriend for the last few New Years’ and she’s not about to ring in another year couped up in a bathroom stall. She’s been scanning the bar all night for the right guy, but at 11:50 she’s still standing with her posse. Alone. This girl waits until the last minute to see who hasn’t paired up, then grabs the nearest guy and shares a smooch at the last second. Saved by the bell… This romance doesn’t last through Auld Sang Lyne.

Girl #3: The “lets just be with our girls tonight” girl. This girl is out with her single friends and is not about to be alone when they find a guy. If she’s sans man tonight you better believe so are the rest of her friends. She rings in the New Year with her posse in a big group hug. She can be heard saying, “We dont need guys, all we need is eachother!” This is immediately followed by a quick chug of wine, a roll of the eyes, and resentment from everyone within earshot. (This category has a sub category in the event Girl #3 drinks far too much in which the group hug is replaced with a big dirty group kiss. This is almost always documented, made viral and regretted).

Girl #4: The hopeless romantic. This girl started her night as Girl #3, hoping to be Girl #2, but lucks out and meets “THE ONE”. Keep in mind that all women are especially vulnerable on this ridiculous holiday, so it doesn’t take much for a man to charm the pants off one of us (literally). This girl meets this guy when he buys her a drink. He listens to her, shares her passion for astrology and cats, and makes out with her in to the wee hours of the new year. This girl can be heard saying, “I can’t believe how lucky I am that I met this amazing guy, it’s like a fairy tale!” Days later she can be heard saying.. “What a jerk.”

Girl #5: The girl in the relationship: She kisses her mate. There really are no more details in this story unless this is their first new years together in which case it is the most romantic night of her life. Thus, she wins… second place. The First place trophy goes to the girl who made the best decision and stayed home with Carson Daly.

Which brings me to the final and winningest woman, Girl #6: The girl who stayed home. She knows that New Years is over rated and would rather save her time and money than be alone in a bathroom stall, or kissing a stranger, or kissing someone who could’ve been “the one” but was really a stranger, or getting too drunk and kissing her friends… Instead this smart well-adjusted cookie gave herself a facial, mani AND pedi, got 8 hours of sleep, and started her New Years exercise resolution at 9:00 a.m. January 1, instead of two months later.

In conclusion, It is my vow to ring in 2011 in the comfort of my own home and slippers. Preston and I had a great night but I can’t tell you how much money I spent. Never again…

Love and Prius,




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6 responses to “Which New Years Girl Are You?

  1. Hola sexy bias! I’m FINALLY getting a chance to catch up on your bloggy—you know me, hard at work in the office 😉 This is the first post and I’m quite smitten, because I’m TOTALLY girl #6.

    For the last two years, I stayed home ALONE, pretended it was NOT New Year’s Eve (and I even had a boyfriend) and fell asleep before midnight. It sure as hell wasn’t disappointing.

    But I do have plans to spend this NYE with Gizzy…figured it would make a good blog entry 😉


    • I’m so glad you commented on this blog to remind me that all I wanted this year was to stay at home in my slippers.

      Funny how quickly we forget… This year Preston and I are flying to Seattle to ring in the New Year, spending more money than ever.

      I can’t wait to read about how Lucky and Gizzy take on NYE!

      I love you two. Your cynicism gets me through the day.

      -Xoxo Bianca

  2. The Bearded Mike

    Ha Ha!! You chicks made me laugh with this one. I obviously
    was not a girl on New Year’s nor was I with one. I was trying to
    find where my drunk friends were so I could keep them out of jail
    and get them home. Good blog!

  3. I have been lucky to be almost all of these girls at some point in my life (except #1) … but damn it, I like to have someone to kiss. And I hate to stay home – I feel like I’m a total New Year’s failure when I do.
    I hope you ladies had a fun night!! Happy 2011 (a wee bit late, but hey, I’m catching up!)

    • Staying home is not a failure (which is what I keep telling myself every year when I’m disappointed)… I’ve been girl #5 for the last 6 new years, so I’m ready to move on to girl #6. At least once. Just one time. Slippers, bailey’s, relaxation.
      Good to see you again, Cat!

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