A Santa Alter(nativity).

Good Morning, gals!
While driving home last night I listened to a This American Life episode about mall Santas and it got me thinking about how ridiculous the whole tradition has become (it also got me thinking about how much I love Ira Glass and his This American Life).

It really is insane that mall Santas are such an integral part of this fundamentally religious holiday. I understand that Santa comes from the story of St. Nicholas (which you can read here. Tag line: Discovering the truth about Santa Claus. Hopefully the kids don’t discover this site.), but his connection to Christmas is abstract at best. 

Before I continue, it must be known that Santa Claus doesn’t bother me. In fact, he is the source of many happy childhood memories. It is just curious that in our modern world where the notion of WWJD has created a political and moral environment the likes not seen before, Santa hasn’t become more scrutinized. With that said, if I were a professional Christian (I consider myself an intermediate Catholic), I would encourage a Christmas that better celebrates its namesake.

For example, you’d think professional Christians would shun the mall Santa and encourage more child-friendly nativity scenes. Before you write this off, think about it. The kids could pose with Mary and Joseph, or put on a robe as one of the wise men for a picture.  Most importantly, it’s better than sitting on the lap of an overweight stranger. 

If this idea catches on, you might ask, what will come of all the out-of-work Santa’s? I have a feeling the marketing team over at Liberty Medical might find a place for them in their diabetes testing supplies commercials à la Wilford Brimley

On the other hand, Santa allows non-religious children to celebrate the holiday and that is both beautiful and what I believe Jesus would do. So carry on creepy Santa’s and sneaky parents, it wouldn’t be Christmas without you. 
Remembering the horror of catching my parents as Santa,



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5 responses to “A Santa Alter(nativity).

  1. Okay, but what will the little jewish kids pose with? A giant menorah? Adam Sandler look alikes?

  2. You got me going. This Santa business is part part of my life that probably led to 35 years of alcoholism( in remission almost 9 yrs sober), depression and a deep cynicism about life that has been hard to overbecome. So lets think here , 4 years old. First of all why did this particular Santa have white medicine stuff looking tape keeping his moustache on his face? And he did smell a bit of whiskey(yeah, I knew because I had mt fair share of Fra Angelo, amaretto, and anisette at age 4 already). And we came to Florida and did not have a chimney. So they said he had a key to the door but that sounded suspicious. Then how could Santa be at 4 malls and a toy store at the same time? And how could he go around the whole world in one night and carry enough toys for every one in the whole world in one sled? I figured it out alright. And saw that the entire adult world was a fraud. There was no Easter Bunny, tooth fairy or Halloween monsters. By the time I was 5, I was already an agnostic and started hitting the booze pretty hard. Now I am 61 and the therapist says “get over it” but it has not been easy. I don’t believe any one in the government either.

  3. Wait a minute. Santa was…OUR PARENTS???

    Oh… 😦

    ( 😛 )

  4. Okay, I’m gonna have to disagree here.

    I didn’t pose with Santa as a kid, after all, I knew he wasn’t the Real Santa (but he works for him, you know). I have posed with Santa in my adult life, however, because nothing says Christmas like a dirty fat man in red.

    I just don’t think a fake Joseph and Mary would really get the holiday spirit going.


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