Prius in the Press

Happy Monday!  I came across this article about the GM CEO saying all Prius drivers are geeks, specifically saying “We commonly refer to the geek-mobile as the Prius. And Iwouldn’t be caught dead in a Prius.” Well Dan Akerson, we, the Girls with Prius Envy, think you are a geek.


Read More:

Autoblog Green


USA Today



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6 responses to “Prius in the Press

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    You know what this means right girls? Dan has an exceptionally SMALL prius…. 🙂

  2. Could it also be that 40-50 years ago, cars had “real” names? Come on. A Volt? An Edge? A Hyundai or a Vista? Sheesh!

  3. No, I agree with Dan Akerson! Seriously, screw Toyota! I want people to judge me by how my car looks! It might get 8 mpg, but it has a stripe down the side. Hop in, ladies!

  4. Don’t you just love sweeping accusations?

    To be honest, anyone I’ve come across who drives a Prius is anything BUT a geek.


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