This Week’s Links We <3

The 10 Most Depressing jobs in America (and yes, of course Bridget’s job is on there). – Gawker

Perez said it right… Icky Icky Poo Poo. – Perez

Yes! Our state finally famous for something other than Mormo’s. We’re also NUMBER ONE in the nation for porn subscriptions! Correlation? Maybe… – Desert News

With Urban Meyer stepping down as coach of Florida and the Denver Bronco’s coach being fired… it’s only a matter of time before Urban and Lord & Savior Tim Tebow share a warm embrace. – Sports Pickle

Seven year old product of the Westboro “church” spewing hate. Disgusting. Yes, these are the people who protested Elizabeth Edward’s funeral. Sick sick sick. – ABC News



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5 responses to “This Week’s Links We <3

  1. cordeliacallsitquits

    Shite! I’m a writer *and* an administrative support worker. I’m screwed. 😛

  2. Haha, congrats on being the number one nation for porn subscriptions! It’s obviously a very distinguished honor!!

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