Reason 2,976 to stay out of Provo

Bailey and Bianca,

What is up my homies? I’m still in shock we “survived” another weekend in Vegas (survived is in quotations because my survival is still up for debate…). I have a pretty empty classroom today as my good students are being rewarded by going on a field trip and I’m being punished by having to deal with my naughties. It’s cool, though, we have an agreement today:  I’m going to play on my iPad and ignore them just as long as they work on their Vocabulary PowerPoint and ignore me. So far, so good.

So, I was watching the NEWS last night before bed when this video came on:

One, I’m horrified that this is newsworthy (it’s not news that Provo Girls are marriage hungry, return missionary lovin’, crazy mormos – we all know this). And two, how dead on is this video? I did a little research and found out that they didn’t even need to hire actors or actresses. Turns out, they just went to BYU campus and filmed much like a reality TV show. This is a reality music video.

Girls hanging out in wedding dresses all over campus? Check. Return missionaries with rings ready (without girlfriends)? Yup. Crazy wanna be baby hungry brides chasing bachelors down the street? Happens every day.

This music video should serve as a warning to all life forms out there – STAY OUT OF UTAH COUNTY! You risk baptism, alcohol deprivation and {gasp!} marriage.

Can I move yet?

Somewhere I hear Katy Perry screaming,

PS: In all my iPad-ing today I’ve been able to get a lot of online shopping done-zo. I even ordered those sweet ass candy cane shot glass those sassy Cocktails at Tiffany’s girls were talking about! WIN!



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3 responses to “Reason 2,976 to stay out of Provo

  1. The notebook I use has a hunnert sheets a paper and they are connected by this spiral wire thing. My note pad has about fitty sheets a paper which are yellow with lines on them The pods I have got peas in’em. If a phone call is necessary, I don’t see what’s wrong with headin over to Hanksville and using the one at Bob’s grocery store. He don’t charge nuttin and besides there’s always a few fellers at the barber shop for checkers at 50 cents a game. An when ya head home Mrs. Willis has apple pies for sale in the dress shop. Ted Thomas, the mailman, brings a letter every few weeks so everything’s workin out just fine as far as comunycations go. Bein a Presbyterian I would never go to Utah because they make all the men wear short sleeve white shirts and black ties and they walk around all day tryin to convert folks that are already converted. Plus it must be hot and they got high mountains an it must be a huffin and puffin thing all day long because of the heat and elevation. Well so long , now.

  2. Holla back on the shout out!

    And yeah, after seeing that video, I’m officially scared of Utah.


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