New Layout!

Someone might have embellished their resume a bit when she said she is an expert in graphic design, but was able to create this super neat header that we love.

Why the bottom half is highlighted in yellow, we don’t know. Like we said, it’s a NEW layout.


The Girls with Prius Envy



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5 responses to “New Layout!

  1. Definitely totally rad for South Beach Artsy here in Miami. It speaks upscale boutique, art and photo gallery or that cozy intimate night club with roses on the table and menu in French.

  2. Very cool. Man, are those graphic girls in your header hot or what? Jean shorts! i’m all about the jean shorts… Keep up the good work, ladies!

    Al K Hall

  3. I’m liking it! The pop of color totally perked me up at the end of a long, gray day at work. Makes me want to go out and buy something…or drink something…or create something…possibly all at once. 🙂


  4. Tears of happiness for the new blog layout!!! I can’t believe how beautiful it turned out.

    Three words: Bianca. Is. Amazing.


    Ps: Cocktails to celebrate?

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