ER & Creepy Siblings Rounding Out My Day

Hey girls,

Sorry I have been MIA to the max, but I have been nursing Miss Art back to health in the EMERGENCY ROOM! A small little flu shot turned into full blown 22 hours for the poor dear in the ER. Happy to say she (and I) have returned to our respective beds.

So being there for hours, trust me I drank my fair share of coffee and watched my fair share of TV which is why I sit here thinking about a creepy Folgers commercial I need to get off my chest. Review and let me know what you think…I can dive into the explanation of creepiness if need be.

Dreaming about all things non-medical & un-instestual,



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5 responses to “ER & Creepy Siblings Rounding Out My Day

  1. OMG Bailey!! I thought this same thing!! This commercial is so creeptastic.

    Sorry about Miss Art and your lack of sleep!!

    Please recover before this weekend or suffer the consequences (being really tired NEXT week?).

    Love and miss you,

    • Wow, way to bludgeon us over the head with sentimentality, Folgers. And is “vaguely ambiguous” the best that professional writers can do in establishing the relationship between those two? Come on. It reminds me, though, of this equally falsely-cheery Folgers commercial, which I have to admit to loving with all my heart. Remember Rockapella? What a catchy tune. I usually hit “replay” on this at least three times before I move on with my life:

      • Rockapella! Brings me back to sick days as a kid watching Carmen SanDiego.

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one creeped out by these ambiguous folgers commercials! They’re missing the mark.

        If the best part of waking up is awkward family relationships, I think I’ll choose another brand.


  2. Here in “Yeaman” we’re spared these ads and the coffee (and wait, aren’t y’all in Utah? are you allowed to watch Folgers commercials?) which i must say i find a little weak. Still you could spike it with some, wait for it…*Bailey’s* and it would be all better.

  3. Umm ok yeah, the commercial is a little creeptastic. But is that guy kind of cute, or do I just need to get laid?


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