Do you hear what I hear?… Yes, and it’s giving me a headache.

Bridget, New Year’s resolution talk already? Thanksgiving is barely approaching. Why does Christmas come earlier every year? I feel like everyone used to say it, but now I really realize it. A majority of stores have already decked the halls with Christmas decorations, music playing, the works. I mean the Today Show already has their Holiday Guide up, full of Christmas segments and more.

I understand it from the retail standpoint; if the holiday shopping season lasts longer there is a good chance people will buy more, but remember the feeling of after Thanksgiving and the rush of the Christmas decor? Hmph, I want to be a Scrooge until after Thanksgiving; however, I too have fallen into this black hole of Christmas in November. I, as a consumer, have been tricked. I already have hung up in my closet about 90% of my presents from my parents and Santa. My mom said I have to give it back on December 20th to wrap it, but am I going to be bummed when I already know everything I’m opening? I feel as you get older it’s not as big of a deal, but still. On the other hand, what’s the point in picking out jackets and clothes that I need right now and having it sit in my mom’s closet until December to open up – right? I need my new leather jacket from Nordstrom’s half yearly sale NOW.

Well anyway, I need some good meaningful yet thrifty (remember there’s no incoming money for this girl right now) gift ideas. One year it was letter mugs from Anthropologie, the past three years was easy peasy hitting up street vendors in New York – pashminas, jewelry, random Buddhas and other artifacts from Canal – so what is this year? I was thinking about printing pictures and framing them, um…that’s all I got so far.  Ideas for small, meaningful presents to give to my friends who I don’t see so often but still want to give a little token.

Ugh! Why does so much stress come with the holidays, no wonder people drink so much. You want to know what I’ll be drinking (Bianca, I’m making you try it and you will LOVE it) is a Warm Winter Margarita. Tequila is fabulous all year round and the highest sale of tequila is around the holiday’s so not be one with the trend.

Ingredients – Serves 4:
3 ½ cups apple juice
1 cinnamon stick
2 cups dried fruit of your choice
2 tbs granulated sugar
4 shot glasses silver tequila – Sauza is affordable and delish in this
Combine apple juice and cinnamon in a heavy pot. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove cinnamon stick carefully. Add sugar, dried fruit, and tequila. Mix well. Serve warm.
Enjoy ladies and I promise you’ll LOVE it!

I’m thinking about booze and it’s 10am, but it’s GOTTA be 5 o’clock somewhere (and it is, in London, so there),



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2 responses to “Do you hear what I hear?… Yes, and it’s giving me a headache.

  1. Christmas does come earlier and earlier, but I’m kind of loving it. I could use a little cheer—looking forward to trying out this recipe!


  2. Your headline keyword “
    do you hear what i hear? yes, and its giving me a headache.
    …” analysis is better and better than any I have seen so far.

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