Horrible Plane Crashes (Dems and a Qantas A380).

Good morning, B&B!
I woke up to a news story about a Qantas plane reporting engine explosions. As if I needed anymore scenarios to feed my plane crash imagination. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that it landed safely, but I don’t know what I would do if I was on that plane. They reported that every single passenger remained calm. Am I the only person who probably (definitely) wouldn’t be able to remain calm in that situation?! I’m sorry, but if I saw fireballs shooting out of my plane engine and ripping through the wing, I’d climb over the seats headed for the emergency exit. I don’t care at what altitude we were flying. This is what the engine looked like:

 Like any good news gathering, curious citizen, I took to twitter to find out exactly what happened.
    @Nomisterup: Qantas just called, they can’t find their Airbus warranty. They’re urging people to look in their couch cushions. 
    @Alpenrocker: Vas man whol fur ein gefuhl entwickelt wenn man das durchmachen muss??
I guess I’m the only one taking this engine fireball seriously. Although I don’t know what @Alpenrocker said, maybe he was concerned. 
I’ve really taken a liking to Twitter this week. Reading some of the witty tweets about the election (I’m pretty sure 99% of Twitter users are Democrats) have had me enjoying reading tweets by trending topic. I’ve literally gotten all of my news this way for the past couple days. For instance, did you know Lil Wayne was released from jail today? I didn’t even know he was in jail.
      @Sevinlzking says, Maybe he’ll have a release party…
      @Clos3231: Who karez that lil weez was rilleased, that foos whack!
      @Leo_baybee: Lil Wayne does not care about black people
Do you feel smarter and more informed now? I know I do. I am just amazed that the whole world is connected by these little tiny puns every day. At any given moment you can read someone’s 140 character thought anywhere around the world! Twitter breaks news before the news even happens.

Thanks to a local journalist who tweets more than he breathes, Ben Winslow, I am abreast on all of Utah’s news every day. He has literally tweeted 27 times today, and it’s not even lunch time. Wait… 28.  Wow sorry ladies, I just got myself into a black hole of Twitter though – it just blows my mind.  So, ladies, in 140 characters or less, how’s your day?
I’m so fly (get it, it’s a pun on both the A380 and Lil’ Wayne).


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