One man’s flannel, another girl’s couture.

Hola Bianca & Bridget,
How are you hanging in there this week? Hope there is not post-vacation depression happening.  I have been better.  I have a head cold and just feel extremely out of it all day. So far this winter transition isn’t my friend and it hasn’t even gotten bad yet. 
One rough spot for me this season is my wardrobe.  It’s like an inkling of cold has arrived and I completely forgot how to dress appropriately.  Yes, it gets cold in New York, however you just dress warmer – it doesn’t fully change your wardrobe.   For work I wore the same outfits as always just with tights and a cardigan, going out was pretty much the same but with a coat.  Not here…people fully embrace it almost as if it’s a theme for their wardrobe. It’s like a 10-piece outfit here, I can’t keep up.
Example: I went to Ikea this week with my biz cas attire so I looked like I was on my lunch break (probably didn’t help that I did have lunch there. Swedish meatballs I don’t recommend) while my girlfriends looked casual cozy (flannel, leggings, boots, probably a pull over Patagonia, I don’t know). 
I was jealous to say the least and the best part about it is you can get away with it – winter patterns, more wool, Sorrels, bulky cardigans, more Patagonia – you get my drift.  If I wore something like that to work or out in New York, my coworkers and friends would without a doubt be making fun of me all day.  I mean my old born and raised in the Bronx coworker saw a picture of me hiking and asked why I was pretending to be “all outdoorsy and hiking and shit”. I want to be casual-cabin-cozy-Utah with a twist and I am excited to do so. So watch out, Wasatch Front. I’m here,  in my brassiere, and I have no fear (when it comes to fashion. Otherwise that whole brassiere thing is totally out of context).
I guess I’m on this fashion tangent becuase I’m stuck in my bed in my freezing house, and thinking about sorrels and patagonias are making me feel warm. Also, the bulkier my clothes and stretchier my leggings, the more excuse I have to skip the gym.  
Freezing while laying in a bed of tissues,



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