Spicy Tuna, Hold the Ruler

Bridget and Bianca,

Hello and happy Thursday! Not that the days of the week really mean anything to me as an unemployed individual, but it’s always good to keep track of when the weekend comes so normal beings can start casually drinking with me. Which will be neither of you b’s this spook-tacular weekend since by now Bianca, you are probably spilling strawberry margs on your white swimsuit and Bridget you’ll be in Denver drinking free booze at your cousin’s pubs!

Well I’m happy to announce I had my one month anniversary of being back in the Holy Land this week. I have had my highs and lows, but I am on the road to being a full blown resident. I got my car (and my plates yesterday!), I have moved out of my parents and next on the list is to join the gym and I suppose get a job. I should go to the grocery store, but honestly I don’t know if that is one thing I’ll adjust to for awhile. In New York we used our fridge for leftovers and freezer for booze. Plus I have to go to all my old favorite spots that I haven’t dined at in the past three years.

My mom and I went to Ichiban last night, which is always delicious and there is half off Sake and beer on Wednesdays. Too bad I’m allergic to beer and hate Sake unless its in Sake bomb form which seemed a little inappropriate with mother so we stuck to a nice Pinot Grigio. Point of the story, I was a little distraught when from our table we were watching the bus boy literally get out a ruler and measure the amount of wine that he poured into the wine glass. Is this normal? I mean I know they can’t fill it up NYC style to the brim (which I ❤ and will still abide by in my personal dining experiences) but I mean a ruler is a little overkill. I need reassurance that this isn’t normal….please. I get that the law is the law, but a wooden ruler with my Funky Charlie isn’t what I expected and is just a little tacky. This put my Wednesday night dining experience a 7 out of 10.

Next on the list are Vinto (gluten free pizza!), Red Iguana, Sawadee and boozey brunch tour of SLC to find the best bloody mary (I’ll tell you more about this later but get excited).

Well ladies I look forward to next week when you will both be back in action and we can continue to take this city by storm.




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