Wellst, at least my house is clean. Fa Real.

Hey Bianca,

Greetings from HELL. My classroom is 112 degrees. Fa real, the thermometer says so. I don’t know if it was a short in the heating/cooling system or a sign that work = Hades, but geezy chreezy… if it doesn’t get fixed soon I’m going to be sauna-ed down to 90 pounds. (Hmm… maybe this isn’t so bad…) I sent the children for a nice, long recess until this gets fixed (again, maybe not so bad at all…).

Weight loss aside, this sucks! I have sweat stains in my new green sweater from my fabulous Boutique Shopping Day. Boutique Shopping Day was amazing this go around. Spending money I don’t have on my wardrobe and condo was just the excuse I needed to not get caught up on homework. I bought sweaters and scarves and Halloween decorations, Oh My! It was lovely. I parked my Prius on 9th South and ventured the 9th and 9th ‘hood via foot, and thus finally got to break in my new cute boots! (Note: I’m still thinking about your comment, “Wow, Bridget, you really know YOUR style.” Was that a compliment or not? Because I still don’t know.)

I hit up Hip n’ Humple, Koo de Ker (or however the hell you spell it) and Children’s Hour. Normally, I would hit up Peach during this venture, but I had to run to a facial appointment, and justified skipping Peach because I haven’t found anything splurge-worthy the last few go rounds.

Once I got finished shopping I decided to clean and organize the new condo (which is still pretty clean and organized). I purged my closet, washed my sheets, cleaned out the fridge, and did ALL my laundry.  Just when I was looking for something else to do Algebra chirped in, “Are you being hyper-productive so you don’t have to do homework?” Dude.
I didn’t even realize I was doing it. I was doing tasks that I put off for MONTHS just so I didn’t have to get caught up on grad school. Totally subconscious (or not).

Wow. Turns out to do stuff you really hate doing, all you have to do is find something you hate worse.

In any event, SO HAPPY SLCinNYC is officially SLCinSLC! Not only is she more fun than {insert something really fun, like REALLY fun}, she’s also my gluten free soulmate and spirit guide (she’s been doing it longer). I love when we drunkenly dissect gluten free food whilst downing beer. {Sigh!} Has she purchased a vehicle yet? Because this would be the perfect time for Prius Propaganda… just sayin’.

Wellst, obviously I gotta be gettin back to work, homegirl,


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