Namaste the Hell Away From Me

Good Morning!

I’m wearing an itchy sweater today. It was kind of expensive so I feel obligated to wear it from time to time (especially since it’s really cute), but I dread it every time I put it on. If I threw it away I think it would take some stress out of my life not having to choose it from my closet. Maybe I should do that. But then again if I go throwing away clothes that are occasionally uncomfortable I will be left with my stretch pants and pajama shirts. I should also throw away expensive trendy items of the past. Just because I spent a fortune on it in 2005 doesn’t mean I should be wearing it now (Read: Pink sequined tank top purchased for 20th birthday).

I’ve been working on living in the “now”, but as you can see nothing exciting is happening now outside of my itchy sweater. I want to live about two weeks in the future where all of the fun is. Even my yoga instructor acknowledged that it’s hard to live in the now when the now is so boring. I would say the only time I actually do live in the now is when I am at yoga!

I don’t even know where to begin about my love for Flow Yoga and the powers of Jami Larson. 6 months ago I hated yoga. I did 24 hour fitness yoga under flourescent lighting with the bass of techno music booming through the walls from the spinning class next door (so relaxing), and Bikram yoga where they encourage flatulence in 100 degrees (on carpet. Flatulent, moist carpet). But then I found Flow Yoga and Jami. I’m 5’10, I can’t touch my toes, I can’t even touch my knees. At most yoga studios my lack of flexibility would make me an outcast. But not at Flow. They embrace my uncoordination and encourage it. I leave yoga feeling incredible inside and out! Trust me, I can hear how cheesy I sound, but you have to experience it for yourself before you judge me. I guarantee after one class at Flow you’ll be calling your emotions beautiful, and admiring natures children. We should yoga it up Saturday morning since we’re both way to injured to be running. (Injured, lazy, whatever you want to call it.)

I could use a little yoga today, but I’m content living in the two-weeks-from-now. Two weeks from now I’ll be poolside in Cabo where the margs flow like wine, you’ll be in Denver bar hopping Lodo, our half-marathon will be over with, and SLCinNYC will officially be SLCinSLC! I’m so happy she moved home. Our fun rate has increased by at least 60% since her return.

I hope that right now you aren’t in an itchy sweater.




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