Como se dice, “Dork” en Espanol?

Aye! Bianca, mi Amiga!

Hola! Como estas? My kids and I are making a multicultural video using my sweet Flip Camera today. I’ve officially exhausted my Spanish (ole!), French (oui oui) and (very) limited Arabic words in the first two minutes, but my kids keep going and going! Even though I don’t speak Cambodian, Thai, Somali or any other language for that matter, I’m sure they’re not cursing or anything. Right? (Sh*t, I better get on Google translator.)

I’ll forward you the (hilarious) footage soon. Video Camera+10 year olds=Best Monday EVER!

Birthday week (or two) celebration is over and boy, I am glad. I mean, I am an only child so all the attention was very appreciated, but quite exhausting. I’m a year older and (possibly?) wiser.

This weekend was most awesome! How much fun was the King Niko show on Friday?! O M to the G. Their cover of “Bed Intruder” was probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Antwon Dodson is my hero.

After all of the F-U-N on Friday, I was tuckered out all day Saturday AND Sunday. I ran some errands, went to the Gluten Free Expo (I know) and even went on a very successful long run in a skirt and compression socks (again, I know…).Note: I still can’t believe you have me running in a skirt. Running in a matching skirt. Running in a leopard matching skirt. (Should I be worried that I am secretly loving it!?) I guess minus Friday night I spent the rest of the weekend being a dorky, Gluten Intolerant Runner with Geeky Socks (and matching shirt). Whatever, I’m owning it. Perhaps I’ll even start sporting my compression socks with heels… It would feel great, wouldn’t it!?

In any event, thanks to my awesome profession of choice, I only have a three day work week this week (technically 2.5, but who’s counting?)! Wooooooot! It’s a good thing, too. Being that I am a pretty radical teacher, I’m a horrible student and have two units to catch up on with that whole grad school thing that I decided was a really good idea and now am kind of regretting (not really, but kind of. But not really). Considering that I have a short week this week, HALF MARATHON NEXT WEEK followed by a short week for Halloween and THEN a trip to Denver with Algebra… October is flying by!… and then it’s November, and that will go by quick, too. Fall doesn’t exist. It’s just summer, a bunch of vacations in a row, and then BAM! Winter.

So, don’t worry B, your least-loved season, fall (Autumn to the poetic), IS ALMOST OVER!

FYI: My little cousin is in the pep band at his high school (which happens to be my alma mater), so Algebra, the fam and I are going to make a little guest appearance at their football game on Wednesday. I promised the little cousin that I would only be as embarrassing as absolutely necessary (Read: I’m wearing my old cheer skirt, bringing a camera and a sign that says GO PEP BAND. I mean, he’s only going to be embarrassed by me for a few more years, better make it worth it).





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