Anniversaries Everywhere


First and foremost, HAPPY FIVE YEARS WITH PRESTON! I can’t believe
it’s already been five years! You guys are so happy, it gives me hope
that not all relationships end with flames, breakdowns and stalkers.
(Sidenote slightly stealing the spotlight: Algebra and I celebrate
nine months on Sunday! (Remember when it was cool to celebrate monthly

In other anniversary news: You and I met 6 years ago this week. That’s
right, my soulmate in satire, we’ve known each other 313 weeks. {Sigh}
Though, we weren’t immediately besties, I still cherish these last
2,197 days.

Do you remember when we first met? I do. Let me jog your memory. Rush
2004 at the fine University of Utah. I was a little freshman and you
were a knowing sophomore. I was bombarded by singing girls, curled
hair and perfectly picked (and matching) outfits.

I was passed from one girl to another and they all had wonderful,
reharsed topics of conversation. And then I
was passed to you. You were introduced to me as the “Sweetheart of
Sigma Phi”, and I think you even flipped
your hair as they said that and your eye literally twinkled. After the
introduction, I expected some ditzy blonde empty headed bimbo, but Hell
to the No! You were HILARIOUS and totally got me laughing. And after all that you thought I was Mexican for two years. Idiot.

From there, it’s history! Can you imagine if we never would have met?
I’ve been thinking about the Butterfly Effect in regard to our
friendship and here are something things that might be very different
for us:
– Neither of us would have traveled to the southern hemisphere.
– We wouldn’t have been accosted by Boot Camp Bill and possibly never
started running (half) marathons.
– We wouldn’t both drive the same earth friendly vehicles.
– You would live in San Diego (fa sho our friendship is the only
thing that has kept you here this long, and when you do move, I’m
going to be super sad, but willing to come visit bi-weekly.)
– I would have gone back to Hacking (Gag me! No really, I’d probably
be gagged, tied up and dead at the bottom of a lake).
-You would’ve never broken your leg
-I would’ve never broken my leg (again).
-I would’ve never met Algebra! (I met him while sitting in a chair talking to you, he thought that was classy.)
-Our lives would never have been as awesome and fun. Think Vegas trips, San Diego trips, International trips, beach crusing, theme
parties, football games, girls night, happiness.

In any event, Happy Anniversary with Pres! Tell him I think he’s the
second most wonderful thing to ever happen to you! 🙂 If you two
don’t celebrate tonight, let’s actually have a girl’s night. I miss
you. I forget what your face looks like and didn’t even know your hair
was platinum. If not, I’ll see you Saturday, tailgate especial.

Team B Forever,


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