The Tired, The Sad and The Stolen in SLC


Bianca, this week is thoroughly kicking me in the pants. I’m exhausted. I’ll need a Maria Carey style stint in a hospital to recover by Friday.

It all started with the epic length of time that my mortgage is taking. Father Vanderbilt tried to blame Obama for my housing debacle in his first conservative rant in years, but I would not let that happen. Yes, it’s taking longer than it should for a “well qualified” lendee as myself to get this whole closing thing closed, but it isn’t Obama that made it that way. It’s all the silly sub-prime mortgage and {insert mortgage lingo that I don’t understand and don’t care to here} that made it this way. Obama and his posse are just trying to sort out and fix this mess! For my president, for my country and possibly at the expense of my sanity, I can wait to close and move into my super cute condo next week. You’re welcome, America.

Then, school started. Whoa. Not working for three months really makes you forget how hard working is. This whole 7:30 to 3:30 thing is killing me! PLUS I have parent teacher conferences this week which means I have the pleasure of meeting all of my little kiddies ‘rents (and know exactly why they have the little quirks they have). It also means I’m putting in 12 hour days in the first week of school.

Oh yeah, and starting grad school. Ha. Let’s just say for my very first class as a grad student, for two hours I thought I had somehow made it in a wormhole and ended up at Brigham Yuck University. Let’s not go there.

To top it all off, MY PRETTY PRETTY PURPLE BEACH CRUISER WAS STOLEN! Yes, B, you read right, STOLEN! It was chained up outside my neighborhood market and someone jacked it! Chain and all. You’d be so proud, I didn’t even cry (one little droplet doesn’t count, right?), but I did file a report with the Salt Lake City Police Department. I have all the faith in the world that they’ll find it. (You’ve seen the bike. If we see someone riding it down the street, there’d no mistaking that thing. Purple bike, periwinkle wheels… come on). I have to say, that is one brazen theif to steal such an identifying vehicle.

So. After my pity party (see: above) the social worker at my school came in to talk to me about one of my students. She’s currently working to get him and his family into a homeless shelter because they are (and have been since June) living in a shed. No running water or electricity, dirt floor, one room, bathing via hose. He and his parents and sadly, two little brothers have been living in these conditions for about three months, but don’t worry, my little student managed to bring his homework every day this week. I don’t even know what to say.

I feel so horrible that anyone (especially one of my students) is struggling through this and managing to function while I whine about my busy schedule and silly purple beach cruiser. Kind of puts things in perspective, eh?

I’m really lucky and need to buck the heck up and stop whining. I’ve had everything I’ve ever needed and I think everything I’ve ever wanted. Who am I to complain?

More grateful for everything than ever,


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