Fall(ing over)

Oh Bianca-

Happy Last Day of the Work Week for us! Even though I’m not coming up to your Birthday Bash Bear Lake Style until Saturday, I still have tomorrow off (sort of, I’ll still come in for a few hours to mumble to myself and meander about my classroom). Good thing, too, because I’m going to have a mental break down. I need time to recoup after working THIS WHOLE WEEK {sigh} and get ready to party like it’s 1985 (or was it ’86?) and celebrate your twenty-middle birthday!

Embarrassing but true: I didn’t even realize we were coming up on Fall until your last email. Fall Programming on Television and FOOTBALL SEASON?! Hell to the yes! I’m so glad we share the same enthusiasm for cheap entertainment. I love sitting on my couch (that won’t fit in the new condo, kill me) and kicking back with whatever is on that magical TV box. I don’t even fight for the remote in the Fall, I just sit back and soak it all in. I can’t wait to watch Sunday and Monday (Thursday? Saturday, too?) night football and cook all those tasty little treats that come along with it. This just in: I found a new recipe for chicken queso heaven and it’s just screaming for a good NFL game to go along with it.

I love summer and everything, but B, I’m friggin’ tired (and I still have to go to one of those Twilight Concert thingy’s with Algebra and friends tonight). Ugh. I need Fall and Winter to get some serious rest in before that whole Summer thing comes around again.

Along with working and new students coming next week, being appointed “leadership” and what I like to call the High Holy Queen of Fourth Grade (you may start addressing me as such), starting graduate school at THE University of Utah (eat it, Ohio State) and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) closing on the condo next week… please prepare for the impending nervous/mental/emotional breakdown. Thank you. Remember how you treated me post-break-up with Hacking? I would appreciate the same sympahty now.

Whoa… looks like Fall won’t be starting off to a very relaxing start, but I figure after my mental break, I’ll have plenty of time to unwind in a nice, comfy, white, padded ‘hotel’ room.

Twitching a little,
The High Holy Queen of Fourth Grade.


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