Goodbye popsicles and white pants, Hello fall TV and twenty middle!

Good Morning, Bridget!

I am having a simply wonderful morning! It dawned on me (after a series of seriously persistent commericals) that Fall TV is almost here! I am a Summer person all the way. I love the pool, snowcone shacks, and wearing the least amount of clothing as possible. Not to mention it’s my twenty-middle birthday in August. I love Summer so much that I had a mini depression last week realizing that it’s almost over, and that in three weeks I’m going to have to put my white pants away… But stronger than my disdain for the end of Summer is my LOVE of TELEVISION! Michael Scott, Phil Dunphy and Nancy Botwin are like family to me. And I can’t wait for them to come home (aka: in front of my couch inside my Sony).

So many loose ends need to be tied this Fall. How are they going to stage Michael’s exit on The Office? And is Holly going to come back (she better f*$#ing come back)? Will we meet Cameron’s family on Modern Family? And while I know Weeds has already started, I don’t have Showtime, so leave me alone. I’ll catch up come DVD release time.

It’s not even just my favorite Sitcoms that are getting me giddy (Parks and Rec, I love you), Football Season is here too! That means not only sexy Matt Cassel and Miles Austin, but tailgaiting for our Utah Utes! (I love day drinking when the time is right.) The only thing I don’t like about football is Kenny Chesney’s new song “The Boys of Fall”. This is why I don’t like Country Music. You can listen to this obnoxiously emotional tribute (pay special attention to the cheap references to ‘Merica) to a sport usually reserved for hollering, rivalry and drinking here:

I’m in a pretty great mood if you can’t already tell. My big 2? is on Friday and we’re headed to Bear Lake for a weekend of the likes we haven’t experienced since College. I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday with our indulgent inebriated friends. The DramaWhores and Pals of Preston’s have a rich and tangled history (in bed). And if I’ve learned anything from this life it’s that procrastination never pays off. But in reference to the DramaWhores and Preston’s friends… I’ve learned that history repeats itself! It’s going to be one debaucherous weekend!

I hope you’re having fun decorating your classroom and enjoying your final days of sunshine and freedom.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. (that’s what she said?)
❤ Bianca.


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