Flashbacks and Residual Hangovers.

Oh Hey Bianca-

I’m having one of “those” days. I woke up grumpy this morning and I’m not really sure why. I’ve been trying to figure it out all day.

It first started with my dream last night. Could a dream I had possibly set me up for a bad day? I can’t remember a single dream I had last night.. so frustrating! Though it did remind me of the time I dreamt that you wouldn’t let me help with your Brazilian bikini wax and I woke up really pissed at you. Why would I want to help you with that and why would that make me so mad? Also… why was I dreaming about your nether regions? I was subconsciously mad at you all day that day.

In any event, since I couldn’t pin point or rule out my dreams as the cause for my slump, I went to the night before. Although we did lose our kickball game to our arch rivals (the periwinkle team), I had a great time. The game was a blast and the bar after was so fun! (Not fun alert: Algebra (my very Jewish looking Catholic boyfriend) insisting on wearing a backwards cap to the game. I, of course, insisting on calling him Jew Unit the rest of the night.)

I even learned a new, fun game at the bar. They played a game called “Pencils” where you had to balance a lot of pencils on your hand and then flip them up and catch them again (trust me, it’s a lot harder and way more fun than it sounds) and guess who won?! ME ME ME! I beat out all the other competitors and won a medal and a free beer! (Note: My medal was plastic… so I guess I won a plastic. Still stoked and glowing from my win, nonetheless.)

We taught everyone our favorite college drinking games. It was like a flashback to the hazy times of senior year. We played the name game with all the pounding (beer and tables) and cursing included. Sure, most of the bar thought we were a little nuts, but man oh man, it was a great night. There was even flip cup and beer pong! I felt like I was in a dirty, disgusting fraternity basement all over again. Gah, the good old days…

Wait a minute, I think I just explained my “bad mood.” It’s a very serious medical condition. I believe the technical term is hangover. Serious meaning I’m seriously going to kill myself if this headache doesn’t go away.

Wondering if flashbacks always come with hangovers,


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