I heart you, SLC!

Oh Hey Bianca! (Or should I just start calling you Mrs. Preston?)

I’d like to start off today’s correspondence by telling you to calm the eff down. There will be plenty of time for you to be Mrs. Preston stay-at-home-working-mom-without-kids-volunteer-extraordinaire in this lifetime. No need to rush it, darling! I know this freak out was only spurred by Preston agreeing with your Twenties Equal Fun Thirties Equal Marriage Protection Plan, but really, it’s going to be just fine. I promise!

Moving on, if you’re getting married four years from last month… %#$@!!! The clock is ticking! That means we have UNDER four years to plan your dream wedding and I only have about 30-ish months to find the perfect bridesmaids dress. I better go on a diet and start researching the best self tanners now. Have you started picking favorite flowers, honeymoon spots and up-do’s?

{Pause for head to stop spinning} Maybe you should just elope, I’m already stressed.

In other super important news: I have a hair appointment tomorrow. Normally, I’d just be doing the same beautifully engineered all over dark brown double shot of espresso color, but you see, I’ve recently seen The Proposal (I know, I’m behind on my chick flicks, but thanks to NetFlix, I’m catching up) and Sandy Bullocks locks are beautifully highlighted and I may have a new hair mission. Don’t worry, B, I’m still growing out my damn bangs and my hair will be all one length for your wedding in four years (assuming you don’t elope), but perhaps perfectly placed highlights (previously considered icky) may be my new calling.

Please pray to your respective Deity about my hair and get back to me before my hair appointment tomorrow afternoon. Also, regardless of your decision, will you start sending positive vibes to my uber-awesome hair girl, that she may be blessed with the ability to NOT put anything remotely close to a stripe in or around my head? Thanks.

Big Girl Alert: Guess who will be a home owner (hopefully) in the next 30 days? If you guessed M E, you are R I G H T! Omigod, Bianca. I put in an offer on a super posh condo in an up and coming SLC neighborhood. It looks like after almost 25 years in the SL,UT area, I’m officially putting down roots. As much as I make fun of it here, I LOVE IT. Seriously, I’ll say it again… I LOVE SALT LAKE CITY! I have a new love affair with my city and I’m showing it by BUYING a beautiful new walk in closet (the place has other super neat-o features, too).

I think my new found love of the SLC comes from a few things:
-SLC added to the list of Top Ten Cities for Young Adults right between NYC and DC! (Seriously, it was on Yahoo! it must be true (it’s science)).
-SLC having a cool, abbreved name like NYC and DC.
-Everyone visiting SLC for the first time (mostly Algebra’s friends) and absolutely LOVING it here.  They’re starting a plan to move west. (Unfathomable to me a few weeks ago, but I’m really starting to see how great it is here.)
-Your toast last weekend, “Friends like you guys make me not want to leave Salt Lake.” Tear to my eye. Even the slightest promise that you’re staying here makes this the greatest city ever!
-The nightlife. What was once lame and little is now flourishing and fun! All the new bars in the downtown area continue to rock my world AND my old lady bed time is totally accommodated by the early closing times mandated by the control freaks in the Utah Legislature. Take THAT, Mormos! I like your early closing times AND the extra alcohol added to my girly cheerleader beer (now that it can only be purchased in a State Liquor Store).

Call me Positive Polly, but I’m loving every thing right meow, Wasatch Front and beyond.

How’s your week going? You’re super busy this week, no? Boo.

Eagerly awaiting your input on my hair,




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2 responses to “I heart you, SLC!

  1. Hey Ladies!!
    Luvd the post:) when am I going to get you to my free fitness class in downtown SLC at the Gallivan Center?? Classes are getting bigger by the day and I’d love to have you drop by. One more reason to luv SLC, Free Fitness classes!!

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