Pie and Beer Day!

Dear Bianca,
1) Yes, I do still exist. 2) Yes, I did survive a week with Algebra’s (all male) family. 3) No, I still do not think it’s okay that dudes fart in my car because “Bridget, you’re one of the guys now!” Sigh. I guess I should be honored to be accepted?

Ahhhh! Thank you so much for the girl time last night. I needed some estrogen and endorphins in my life. You and the DramaWhores are awesome, I love you guys. I can always tell when we’ve had a successful girl’s night because things like “Paul Walker and Charles in Charge” show up in my recent searches on google. We might consider having internet access taken away for girls night. Just a thought…

Speaking of having internet access taken away… Look what I found. Emails from an Asshole, the website. Don’t Even Reply

This guy is a win. He writes back to ridiculous posts on Craig’s List (?) and people totally get sucked in. You must check it out. I LOLed during a boring meeting yesterday.

Also, how stoked are you for this weekend? I know we always say that it’s going to be the best weekend ever, but this weekend really is. How better to celebrate the Mormo Pioneers than going on a hike and then getting drunk at my parent’s pool? Woooo! I’m so stoked that Preston and Pals are coming, they always bring the fun (and the beer pong). We also have the Bee’s game, a kegger and maybe the Twilight Concert Series on our docket (maybe?), who are we? College Bianca and Bridget?

Flashback: College Bianca and Bridget… Pioneer Day celebration… Preston’s House… Beer Pong… Wow. I ended with a scar on my ankle that still reminds of pioneers, puking and Preston’s old digs. Do you have any lasting memories (or scars) from that night?

Well. I love you and I can’t wait to celebrate the State of Utah with you! How’s that whole work thing going? I have to go back in a few weeks. Boo.

Loving Seagulls, Sego Lilys and a second holiday in July to celebrate,


Go State of Utah and Mormo’s!


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