The Ghost of Discman Past

My Dearest Bridget,

Welcome back to civilization! I can’t wait to hear how the romantic weekend went. I appreciated all of the text updates throughout the trip. My favorite being the intoxicated “guess that acronym” text from the bar at 2 p.m. on Sunday. While you and Algebra were DTF, I was GTL (literally, I did all of those things on Sunday). If you don’t know, JFGI.

While you were frolicking through the southwest, I was without my iPod and not very happy about it. I’m never letting anybody borrow my second best friend ever again. It’s amazing how 10 years ago I was rocking my CD player at the gym. I age myself, but I literally used to bring my DiscMan and CD case to the treadmill. It had a clip so you could attach it to your waistband and it weighed 10 lbs. I listened to Bryan Adams.

While it’s not quite as prehistoric as the portable DiscMan, I am forced to use my iPod Mini in the interim. Remember the iPod Mini? I got this musical equivalent to a brick in 2003 and it’s inscribed with my name and phone number in case I ever lost it. (Really, former self?) I was 18. I listened to the worst music ever. So, while exercising this week, I am forced to entertain myself with Now 6 (with such gems including R Kelly’s, I Believe I Can Fly and Christina Aguilera’s inappropriate debut, Genie in a Bottle) or the musical sylings of the first four albums of the Backstreet Boys. I still can’t figure out what That Way is. It goes without saying that I haven’t been to the gym too much this week.

Boss Lady has been out of town for the last week or so, so my life has been pretty fancy free. I had a pool day with the DWs (they have been extra dramatic this summer, I love it), “worked from home” with Preston, and rode the cruiser quite a bit. The biker gang isn’t the same without you. Life in general isn’t the same without you. It’s good to have you back, ol’ friend. I look forward to many margs tonight at Taco Tuesday.

I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you love me.




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2 responses to “The Ghost of Discman Past

  1. Pretty sure i had the same discman, ugh.


  2. Discman days are not so long ago, that’s the weird thing. And I could NEVER live without my iPod now, or any of my technology for that matter.

    I watched the episode of Seinfeld where George keeps trying to use the pay phone at the Chinese restaurant. In a mere few years, that episode is not relevant anymore.


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