Where Am I?, NM


White flags of surrender from the middle of nowhere! Literally, B, I’m in a place with no cell phone towers somewhere between the largest nuclear bomb plant in the world (seriously, the atom bomb was developed in these here hills), Sante Fe, and a city name I’ve never been able to spell (think large city in New Mexico that starts with an A).

Though I’m almost completely secluded from the world, luckily, Algebra’s family has wi-fi. Oh, did I mention I’m with Algebra in New Mexico on a little vacay? Yep! I’m vacationing with the boyfriend for the next week or so. We’re hitting all the New Mexico hot spots (before his mom moves back to civilization and cell phone towers) and then my favorite city (third to San Diego and Sydney), DENVER!

We’re flying to Denver on Friday to spend some time with my fav cousin, her husband The Australian and Algebra’s wild and crazy recent college grad cousins. Between an Aussie and two recent grads, I hope I can keep up (booze and sleep deprivation wise).

In any event, don’t tell anyone, but I’m half liking the no cell service. It’s kind of like our no cell phone nights in Vegas. Truly care free and in the moment, but as soon as I’m in wi-fi range, I’m plugged in and waiting for people to respond to my texts.

New Mexico is stunning. I thought it’d be a lot like the drive between Utah and Vegas, but no! I’m at the mouth of a National Forest! Wow! So pretty! We’ve been running to hiking trails, springs and until our lungs burn (which is about a block). The elevation here is close to 7,000 and dude, I’m feeling it.

In other awesome news, Algebra’s mom whipped out the old photos… ha! Let’s just say that my bearded, tan devoid boyfriend has not always been so low maintenance. I have photographic evidence that he used to have a serious bromance with himself, use more hair gel than necessary for any human, and was channelling Ben Affleck (seriously, I did a double take). HILARIOUS! Can you say puka shell necklace?

Today, Algebra and I are going on a romantic getaway to a quaint cabin belonging to his family that sleeps around 20. (Can it be called a cabin at that point?) Then we’re heading to Taos, which I hear is like New Mexico’s equivalent to Park City. I’ve also heard that Julia Roberts and Donald Bumsfeld live up there and a few other choice celebs. I think Julia and I would make really great bff’s.

Cell phone leaving, high elevation climbing and giant bug spotting,


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